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Diamond Dreams

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that by the title of today’s post I’ll be sharing my idealdiamond-ringwedding proposal.

Yesterday I walked proudly up the aisle in rehearsal for my role as chief bridesmaid at my cousins wedding this Saturday. Just a few weeks ago I was jumping with excitement when my best friend Hannah announced her 2011 wedding date. With a house move to keep myself occupied and plenty of dress shopping to look forward to with Hannah, I’m happy without my own diamond ring … (well, for now)!

The title of today’s blog is in fact the name of TIGI’s latest addition to their S-Factor range. An ultra luxe shampoo and conditioner. Noting last week that my hair felt drier than usual, and noticing the dreaded frizz had raised it’s ugly head, I spoke with the experts (it’s great having them here to hand!) and asked for a remedy!

tigiBoth the TIGI Diamond Dreams Shampoo and Diamond Dreams Conditioner are infused with diamonds, champagne, cashmere and pearls. Admittedly, (although not sure if I’m allowed to say), I did wonder if this was a marketing gimmick, but I am pleased to stand corrected. Apart from the alluring scent, it was picked up by my fashion conscious colleagues that my hair was looking silky and shiny, the “just cut look” apparently! I guess that was thanks to the multi-dimensional shimmer, I read it would add depth and richness to my natural hair colour and to my delight it did!  Aside from the impressive shine these diamonds leave, the way my hair feels is much improved too. Softer, but without being flyaway, it’s easier to style. I’ve been using it for just a week and it’s already on my favourite list.

Looking forward to a frizz free hair day this Saturday, I guess diamonds really are a girl’s best friend!

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