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Get hair fit for a princess with TIGI Catwalk

Achieve a beautiful look with hair fit for a princess with a little help from our friends at TIGI Catwalk. They have put together a step by step guide to get a number of looks just in time for the Royal wedding. We have chosen two of our fave ultra glamorous looks that you can recreate from the comfort of your own home.


Turn your volume upside down and get ready for your crown with this ultra stylish look.

Start your haircare regime with the Catwalk Your Highness Elevating Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner and get beautifully soft and shiny hair. If you have fine and limp hair then treat your locks to an extra boost of volume with the Thickening Gel Crème – working mainly from the roots to the mid-lengths. Blast-dry the hair, working with the fingers to create luscious volume. Once dry, create a low side parting, then spray Firm Hold Hairspray from roots to ends to prepare the hair. Part the hair off centre and separate into relatively large sections. Using hot rollers, wrap section the hair, starting with smaller rollers and work your way up to the head.

Top Tip: To keep the hair flat through the top and voluminous through the bottom, do not roll the rollers straight to the root, but stop in the mid-lengths.


Infuse hair with gorgeous volume for this princess perfect look

Once the hair has cooled down, remove the rollers one by one and brush out each layer of rollers, section by section. Working at the front, for a cleaner finish, brush it closer to the head without separating the hair so much, leaving the definition. Finish the set off with the Firm Hold Hairspray

If an up ‘do is more your thing then make sure you keep it ultra stylish with this next look.


Achieve the perfect up do with these easy step by step

After washing hair blow dry the hair back away from the face. Next, take a big triangle section at the top of the head and secure it with a clip. Brush the hair down, to the back of the nape. Twist it into a bun, securing it with pins and grips. Apply Thickening Gel Crème through the sides to slick the hair back, and let it dry naturally to create a much flatter and shiny effect. Alternatively apply it through the roots at the top of head, then blow dry the product in to add gorgeous volume. Add a little backcombing through the root area, then brush that back gently. Fix the hair into the bun and secure with pins and grips. To add more hold, spritz hair Firm Hold Hairspray.

Check out our LFTV channel for step by step video guides to create these looks, and more from TIGI Catwalk!


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