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The Brazilian Blow Dry blew me away!

Working in the HR department has always been great for many things. Getting out and sampling some of the glamorous benefits of working for a luxury hair and beauty brand has not generally been one of them. Until more recently…

“What beautiful hair you have”, “I’d love to have your hair”, “is it a perm?” Questions like this have followed me around all my life. With a mane of locks never falling shorter than my shoulder blades and boasting the kind of curls that an 80s fashionista would have died for – my hair has always been a major conversation starter.

However what all the compliments didn’t consider, was my frustration when I got caught in the rain. Or more often, those damp mornings where the air is like an invisible shower. So subtle, you’d look silly with an umbrella, but destructive enough to leave any half tamed curl utterly wild! Looking like an electrocuted poodle, left to re-wash-re-style late at night, has long been common practice in my life as a curlista.

Because of these experiences I, like many, have hot styled my hair to within an inch of its life. Resulting in it resembling a bale of straw and subsequently having  copious amounts chopped off!  So when I heard the tale of just what the Brazilian Blow Dry could do for my unruly mane, my ears pricked up with excitement!

Knowing that the Brazilian Blow Dry was effectively going to end all my hair frizz woes, I expressed my desperation to the lookfantastic PR team and was thankfully chosen to be a guinea pig for the first treatment and promptly taken to the lookfantastic Brighton Salon for my trial…

After my hair was expertly shampooed to open the cuticles, the treatment was applied and left to dry so that my hair could soak up as much Keratin goodness as possible. Next came the painstaking straightening of each small sections 8 to 10 times with special super hot straighteners.

Although by normal standards it is a long treatment, the time flew by and soon I was ready to walk out of the door with the straightest hair I have ever had! It looked and felt great, like I’d had a deep conditioning treatment…and left it on for a week. Once I got back to the office (no rest for the wicked) I was besieged with colleagues wanting to examine my silky strands, the reaction was one of amazement as it was clear that my hair had not only been straightened but had the condition improved beyond belief.bbd2

Three weeks on, and I feel like I have had a lifestyle change. My hair takes a lot less time to dry and the results are perfected within minutes. The condition of my hair as a whole has been totally transformed. What was once a long mass of fairly damaged, hugely frizzy curls, now sits perfectly preened along my shoulders every single day. Brazilian Blow Dry – I salute you.

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