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Urban Experiment

Seeing as our Brighton salon gave us a call to recommend the NEW Redken Urban Experiment Wool Shake 08 I thought it was only fair that we passed on the know how.Giving a messed-up, voluminous, washed out glam effect to satisfy the most dedicated fashion junky, this new product from Redken (the official sponsor of the VIP lounge at V festival last month, don’t you know) layers up for as much volume and texture as you can handle.
To achieve 3 cool but wearable styles, I’ve compiled some easy to follow tips….but first shake it to activate it! Yes… you have the power to turn the gel slush into a sprayable liquid.1. For more texture and tousled waves, spritz onto wet hair and allow to air dry.
2. For a matte ‘dirty look’ apply to damp hair and blow dry as you wish.
3. To unleash wild texture with an unrefined wool like top coat, spray onto dry hair.

Remember, after applying the first dose of Urban Experiment Wool Shake 08, first scrunch your hair and then wait 30 seconds for an encore.

Last but by no means least, a little appreciation to Redken for presenting the lush smelling- uninhibited style giving, Urban Experiment Wool Shake 08 and the lookfantastic Brighton Salon for bringing it to our attention!


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