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About Bodycare Expert - Sarah T

Sarah loves to pamper and preen, so she knows her stuff when it comes to body care. Always striving to find the latest body cream, wonder product or extreme exfoliator, Sarah can guide you through the ins and outs of body care, including relaxing treatments to tanning.
Beauty From Within
As with most of the important matters in life, with supplementation ‘timing is everything’. Without a shadow of a doubt, knowing which supplements to buy and when to take them will catapult you towards...
- 01/05/2013
How to Banish Cellulite
As it's Cellulite week on Lookfantastic we want you to know how to get dimple free and feel confident to get your legs out when the sun finally does. Body Brushing I think one thing that everyone will...
- 18/04/2013
Anti-Aging Week – Our Top Picks
So this week has been all about anti-aging; how to banish the fine lines and wrinkles whilst brightening your complexion to ensure you look young and vibrant again. Here are our top anti-aging products...
- 10/04/2013
The Stages Of Tanning
As it's week 4 of our Body campaign on Lookfantastic, the last stage in getting ready for Spring/Summer is to add a little colour to your skin, so here are our favourite false tan products to give you...
- 25/03/2013
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