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Omorovicza uses the beauty phenomenon, Mineral Cosmetology, with Hungary’s thermal water as a key ingredient. So when you think of Omorovicza skincare, your mind is immediately taken to the luxurious and glamorous world of spas in Budapest. But would these products devised for pampered princesses really transfer and work well for us busy LF girls on-the-go? We tested them to find out…

Omorovicza Gold Rescue Creamtested by me #LFOri

Frustratingly, it doesn’t really matter how much of a good night sleep I get, the quality of my diet, or how  well I look after my skin; I still inevitably wake up with every morning with dull/dry and uneven skin.

Fed up and sceptical I applied the cream morning and evening for a week, and although my skin look instantly brighter, it wasn’t until about the third day in a row that I noticed that my complexion was evening out. The formulation felt gentle enough for the extra delicate dry areas, and now after a week of use – I have definitely noticed a dramatic difference to the overall mood of my skin.

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Omorovicza Rejuvenating Night Creamtested by #LFAnnaP

I must admit that, despite being a ‘skincare expert’, I’m not always that keen on the idea of a night cream. Often I find them to be too greasy, and although I’m a big believer in a good eye cream, I would rather not wake up with a fresh face of blemishes. I gave the Omorovicza Rejuvenating Night Cream a go, as I’m always open to change and I was pleasantly surprised. Although rich, the cream is easily absorbed, and my skin felt a lot softer in just minutes after applying it. I have noticed a long-term difference in my skin, it looks more even, and feels more hydrated throughout the day.

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Omorovicza Instant Plumping Cream tested by #LFHarriet

With the cold winter air nipping at my skin, radiators on full blast – I find it’s an endless battle to keep my skin hydrated this time of the year! So I was excited to see what this cream was all about! After cleansing I applied the cream to my face and neck- I could immediately feel my skin soaking up the cream. Containing hyaluronic filling spheres and omega 6, this unique formula works to fill and plump the skin overnight. I was excited to see what the morning bought- my complexion looked clearer, imperfections seemed smoother, my skin felt hydrated and looked re-energised. A definite winner for me!

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Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm – tested by #LFLauren

I have tried A LOT of cleansers in my time at lookfantastic (a definite perk of the job), so if I am totally honest I thought I knew exactly what to expect when I was given the Thermal Cleansing Balm to review, but this time I was very wrong. It is totally different to anything I have tried before, and I have to say I absolutely loved it. I suffer with dry skin, so the thick and oily texture this balm was perfect for me. The best way to describe my skin after using this cleanser was ‘polished’, which not a word I have ever used to describe my complexion.  What is more, I could see a noticeable change in my skin after just one use, so all in all, a huge success for me and my much smoother softer skin!

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