‘Tis the season to be pampered!

Although you can usually rely on me for the latest cosmetics and nail care must-haves, today I’ve decided to blog on an absolutely lovely product from Earthly Body that makes my day that bit brighter! Known in beauty circles for their gorgeous Marrakesh Hair Oil (fans of Moroccanoil /Kérastase Elixir Ultime – check this lovely oil out and get ready to discover another hair staple) the purpose of this post is to absolutely RAVE about the delightfully indulgent Earthly Body Skinny Dip Massage Oil Moisturiser.

I'm enamoured with this gorgeous massage oil!

I'm enamoured with this gorgeous massage oil!


I’m a big fan of scented candles and products which leave your skin feeling smooth and gorgeously scented, and this massage oil boasts a place where these products meet! All you have to do is lift the lid of this gorgeous massage oil and it’ll fill the room with its addictively sweet scent instantly (those who aren’t so keen on super-sweet scents can choose a different fragrance onsite here).

The stunning scent of this massage oil is only the first item on a long list of positive adjectives I’d be more than happy to spout in this piece. Once you’ve set this massage oil alight (yep – check out the pictures, this indulgent little treat works just like a candle) the aromas emanate around any room while calming any nose lucky enough to smell it! Now – here comes the part when you’ll have to trust me. Unlike regular candles whose hot wax is too hot to touch, this massage oil is made with a magic component that enables you to touch it and apply it straight to skin without burning. Yes, I’ve tried it! And no, no burns! All I need now is a willing volunteer to massage it into my skin. I can just imagine how delightful it would be to have a warm wax massage… almost like a hot stone treatment – but better!

After applying the wax to skin your body is left feeling beautifully soft and delicately scented with the candle’s fragrance (the scent left on your skin isn’t as strong as the candle itself). My advise to you – treat yourself to this pampering product and whether you have someone on hand to massage it into your skin, or you simply treat yourself to a DIY massage at the end of a long day, you’ll forever be grateful that this little massage oil has reserved a space on your dressing table!

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