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Kérastase Aura Botanica: The Luxury Natural Hair Products

Kérastase Aura Botanica: The Luxury Natural Hair Products

The newest launch in haircare comes in the form of the Kérastase Aura Botanica: a collection of natural hair products enriched with a blend of botanicals and plant actives for exceptionally clean, weightless and radiant hair.

Kérastase are well known for their scientific approach to haircare, so delving into this natural sector is a brand new venture for them, and of course they have done it brilliantly. Each product has been formulated with both nature and science in mind; fusing together the technological knowledge they have accumulated over the years, with their desire for cleaner, gentler and more natural hair products.

What is Kérastase Aura Botanica?

Kérastase Aura Botanica responds to a desire for green luxury in haircare, and provides truly effective care to repair and nourish damaged and dehydrated locks. Each product is formulated with ingredients sourced from up to 98% natural origin, making this line of products true to their botanic name. The remaining 2% of ingredients are neccessary to ensure that same Kérastase olfactory, sensorial and fomulaic stability you have come to know and adore.

The two key ingredients of this sulphate, paraben and silicone-free range are hand-pressed Samoan Coconut Oil and Moroccan Argan oil. While these are both incredibly moisturising, the collection feels surprisingly lightweight and adds a beautiful sheen to hair.

The most exciting ingredients in the range however, are Natural Micelles. While you may be thinking that Micellar technology is only associated with skincare, we predict that this year will be a big year for hair micelles, with Kérastase leading the way.

Say yes to green beauty and treat your hair to an exquisite sensory experience with this new ritual from Kérastase.

How does Micellar Technology work?

In the same way that micelles in micellar water attract dirt, oil and impurities away from the skin to leave you with a clean and clear complexion, micellar technology in haircare works in exactly the same way. It clings to every element that could cause dulling, flat and oily hair, to leave you with clean and revitalised locks.

The Kérastase Aura Botanica Natural Hair Products

Kérastase have released 4 products in the Aura Botanica collection, with each one to become an integral part of your haircare routine. With clean technology, active botanicals, and one of the most unique and beautiful scents we have ever witnessed in a haircare range, we are sure this will be one of this year’s hottest natural hair product collections.

  1. Bain Micellaire
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    Bain Micellaire

    With ingredients sourced from 96% natural origin, this exclusive and unique micellar shampoo naturally coloured with caramel (and trust us, it tastes good enough to eat), attracts all impurities from the hair to leave it fresh, clean and gorgeous.While it feels incredibly gentle on your hair, making it suitable for those with sensitised or coloured locks, it deeply cleanses and leaves you with locks you are proud to show off.

    Instead off using synthetic surfectants such as SLS, Kérastase has taken derivatives from Coconut and Sugar Cane to remove dirt and oil from the hair, and gives you the same foam and lathering feeling you would get from your normal shampoo.

    After massaging the shampoo into the hair and rinsing, hair can feel slightly stiff, but don’t worry! Present in normal shampoo is something called silicones, which coat the hair in a slippery substance to leave it feeling (falsely silky soft); the Kérastase Aura Botanica Bain Micellaire doesn’t contain these synthetic nasties, but will still leave your finished look, smooth and incredibly soft to the touch.

    We also recommend that you follow Bain Micellaire with Soin Fondamental for the best results, as each product works in synergy with the next.

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  2. Soin Fondamental
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    Soin Fondamental

    Made from 97% natural ingredients, the Kérastase Soin Fondamental is one of the most indulgent and luxurious conditioners we have tried, and trust us, we have got through a lot.

    While it feels super moisturising on the hair, it doesn’t ever feel like it weighs it down or makes it go oily faster than usual. It has the same blend of Coconut and Argan Oils as the Bain Micellaire, while the Sweet Orange essential oil gives it an uplifting and invigorating scent.

    As the conditioner is richer than most, you can leave it on for 5 minutes and it will act as a hair mask if your hair is in need of a little love and care. Talk about multitasking!


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  3. Concentré Essentiel
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    Concentré Essentiel

    This oil is the true definition of multipurpose and caters to a wide range of haircare needs and concerns. Made from 99% natural ingredients, including Jojoba Oil, Rosemary Extract and Omegas 6 and 9, the oil feels incredibly luxurious and can be used in a variety of different ways to add hydration into your hair.

    As a pre-cleanse treatment, the Concentré Essentiel can be applied to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair and left on for 15 minutes to fully penetrate the fibres and deeply condition and nourish.

    If your hair is particularly dry and damaged, or is generally thicker and coarser, you can add a drop of the Concentré Essentiel into the Soin Fondamental and massage into your locks for a more conditioning treatment while you are in the shower.


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  4. Essence d’eclat
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    Essence d’eclat

    This unique bi-phase mist, sourced from 99% natural ingredients is comprised of two formulations: the first is a blend of 4 nourishing oils, Coconut, Argan, Jojoba and Avocado, while the second is a water-based phase composed of Damascus Rose Floral Water and other beautifully scented essential oils.

    You can use the Essence d’eclat oil in a number of ways to achieve gorgeously soft and radiant hair. As a primer, you can spritz it onto the ends of your hair before blow or air drying to keep your hair protected against heat and damage, or you can use it throughout the day when you feel your hair needs a little energy boost.

    However you choose to use it though, always make sure you shake up the mist to make sure both formulas combine and your hair reaps the full benefits.

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