10 products perfect for a British heatwave

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6 shower products to transform your morning routine

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Why is cocoa butter great in a beauty routine?

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10 Best Sleep Aids

We reveal the 10 best sleep aids to help you get a perfect night's sleep every night. Discover our favourite sleep-inducing products only on the blog.

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What has newly launched this month?

Discover the new products which have landed at lookfantastic this March, and find out which of them are at the top of our beauty wishlists. Hint, it's all of them!

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Beauty tips for instantly fresher skin in the morning

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5 of the best cleansing bars for the body

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Relax in a nourishing milk bath with Weleda

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Gift Guide

The end of month beauty luxuries to treat yourself to

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Valentine's Day roses (without the flowers)

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