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Why choose the ghd aura?
We really are well and truly in the middle of winter now, and if there's one thing you can't live without during these winter months, it's a hair dyer. It's your best friend after cold, rainy walks...
- 21/01/2015
ghd Hair 
The Lookfantastic Beauty Sale
2014 isn't over just yet, and we've saved the best deals 'til last, here at Lookfantastic HQ. So if you're getting ready to start your January health kick, check out all the great offers we have available...
- 24/12/2014
How to get shiny hair with Redken!
It's so easy to get comfortable in the winter, to wear woolly hats, joggers and forget all about dressing up and beautifying ourselves! That's what everyone dreams about, snow fall, big baggy jumpers and...
- 06/12/2014
We’re loving… Shiseido
Oh, we do love a good all-rounder brand here at! Especially a brand that's been so long-standing, and is still going strong to this day. That brand is Shiseido, which boasts an incredible...
- 30/09/2014
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