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Hair oils are a relatively new treatment in terms of hair care, created after the discovery of Argan oil in Morocco, which is a key ingredient in many oils around today.

Hair oil catapulted to fame with Moroccanoil, which has subsequently become one of the biggest selling hair oils on the market. Other brand hair oils were over shadowed by this miracle product and the need and interest in hair oil skyrocketed.

The best hair oils from Lookfantastic

The best hair oils from Lookfantastic

Following the fame of Moroccanoil, many brands have brought out their own hair oil products, and I am here to talk you through some of my favourites in this blog.

First up is Kerastase Elixir – £27.60 125ml

Kerastase set high standard with the range of prestigious hair care products designed to give you a unique experience.  “Our first versatile beautifying treatment enriched with a complex of four precious oils. Maize Argan, Camellia and Pracaxi oils combine to create a luxurious Elixir for all hair types.”

Kerastase Elixir

Kerastase Elixir

This hair oil is lightweight, quite runny in substance and glides through the hair with the greatest of ease, it has a pleasant smell and gives hair a silky weightless feel.

How to use: The Kerastase oil can be used before washing to instantly nourish hair, by using one or two pumps of the oil and either applying to the roots through the ends; or alternatively if you have oily hair only apply to the mid lengths and ends.  The elixir can also be used before styling to keep the hair protected.

Wella SP Luxe Oil – £24.99 100ml

Next up is a brand new hair oil from Wella SP, the Luxe Oil is a new light weight oil from the Wella SP range. The latest hair oil to come out, it also has a light weight feel and is good for all hair types, compared to some of the more dense hair oils on the market. My favourite thing about the Wella SP luxe Oil is the fragrance of it, the smell is like perfume and lasts in my hair, leaving my hair smelling amazing.

Wella SP Luxe Oil

Wella SP Luxe Oil

Wella SP Luxe Oil

Wella SP Luxe Oil

Wella SP Luxe Oil has argan, almond and jojoba oil in, giving your hair a real boost and a healthy appearance from the core outwards. The unique blend of oils protect the natural keratin and gives your hair shine and vitality.

How to use: use one or two pumps of the Luxe oil through the mid lengths and ends on wet hair and dry in for silky smooth, manageable hair.

The great thing about the Luxe oil was that firstly, you can use it on wet or dry hair and it gives your hair that extra bit of nourishment, and secondly when I am in a rush and don’t want to condition my hair when washing, I simply use the Luxe oil on damp hair and it combs through like a dream, leaving my hair untangled and feeling great.

With my oily hair type it is important to avoid products that make it greasier and even though this is a hair oil, it really doesn’t increase the oiliness of my hair. if anything it improves the length of time in between washes.


Redken All Soft Argan-6 oil – £21.76 100ml

This luxurious oil from Redken is made from Argan oil which penetrates the deepest layer of the hair, the cortex. This replenishes the hairs structure leaving it healthy in appearance and feel.

Redken All Soft Argan-6 oil

Redken All Soft Argan-6 oil

It has six amazing uses for achieving silky softness: use it before you shampoo to moisturize, before you blow-dry to protect, after you blow-dry to smooth, on dry hair to enhance shine, added to treatments to soften or overnight to recondition.

The Redken oil is slightly thicker in texture and has a pump for easy application.


L’Oreal Mythic Oil – £15.95 125ml 

The Mythic oil from L’Oreal is on the lower end of the price range, and it again is a great multi-purpose hair oil for all hair types.

L'Oreal Mythic Oil

L’Oreal Mythic Oil

With a lighter appearance and less syrupy texture it is easy to apply and coats the hair with a lightweight boost of shine and vitality.

How to use: Apply a small amount to wet hair, brush through, blow-dry hair.


Moroccanoil – £30.45 100ml

I couldn’t write a hair oils blog without including the biggest hair oil around at the moment.

 Moroccanoil since being discovered in Israel by Carmen Tal, has become a hair stylist favourite; there is no denying that it is a great hair oil, and works wondered on frazzled hair, especially hair that has been over processed and is badly damaged from colour excess. That said, I think after trying some of the other hair oils on the market, it is not suited to all hair types and other oils including Wella SP Luxe oil are more versatile for the full range of hair types especially fine hair.

Moroccanoil Original Hair Oil Treatment

Moroccanoil Original Hair Oil Treatment

How to use: Like other oils you can use Moroccanoil on wet and dry hair, use a walnut sized amount and finger through your hair from the mid lengths to the ends.

I would recommend using it on wet hair as that is when your hair is at its weakest and the oil is truly absorbed.

Hair oils

Some of the amazing hair oils from Lookfantastic

From the array of hair oils I have tried I would have to say that Wella SP luxe oil is my favourite, it absorbed easily and smelt amazing; which to me is a major factor when choosing a hair product. That said it also made my hair so much more manageable, silky to touch and less frizzy when naturally dried.

I hope this post helps you when shopping for your hair oil.




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