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How to: Apply red lipstick

How to get the perfect red lips:

To get the perfect luminous glowing red pout, it is not only about application but also about preparation.

The main worries for wearing a bright shade of lipstick are bleeding of the colour, your lips looking dry and getting it on your teeth; I am going to guide you through some handy steps to make sure none of that happens.

Step one: Lipstick goes best on smooth exfoliated lips, so either use a toothbrush with some moisturiser or a lip scrub to get rid of any dead skin and soften the feel of your lips.

Step Two: To make sure the product lasts and has something to stick onto, apply a thin layer of concealer or foundation to your lips, alternatively use a lip primer such as Too Faced Lip Insurance.


Step Three: Find a lip liner in the right colour to match the lipstick, draw carefully around the outline of your lips with the liner.

Step four: Use the lip liner to colour in from the outline of your lips and down to the centre. This doesn’t have to be neat and you don’t need full coverage, it just helps the lipstick stay in place.

Step five: Finally apply your chosen red lipstick to your lips, starting at the centre of the lips and working outward to the sides. Once you have covered the whole lip, press them together and then finish by pressing a sheet of tissue in-between your lips to blot.

If you require a stronger look, re-apply the lipstick and blot again. To add a glossy sheen to your lips, try putting a dab of clear lip gloss in the centre of the lips for a unique feel that extends to life of your colour.

Happy Pouting!

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