Beauty supplements for gorgeous skin and hair

Beauty supplements for gorgeous skin and hair

We believe that you are what you eat and everyone knows that beautiful skin, hair and nails come from a good diet. However, when life is busy it can be easy for things to feel a little dull and lacklustre. This is where supplements are the perfect choice. We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite beauty supplements to give you a boost!

Why are supplements important?

The structure of our skin relies on many essential vitamins and molecular components such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamins A, C and E.  Although our body is able to produce and make use of these from our diet, sometimes the amount required is not adequate.  This is where supplements come in.

Supplements are packed with nourishing and boosting ingredients and these tiny pills are bursting with a high concentration of complex ingredients which are known to provide exceptional results. Here is our pick of the best beauty supplements:

  1. Sarah Chapman - Overnight Facial Supplement

    These are the answer to getting the perfect good night sleep when you can’t! The supplements have been designed to work alongside your skin’s natural cleansing cycle while you sleep. They contain 23 skin nourishing micronutrients, a powerful blend of antioxidants, plus Collagen-boosting Silica and Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid to give you youthful, plump skin and a radiant complexion.

    How To Use – Take 1 capsule and 1 tablet every night.

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  2. Caudalie - Vineexpert Anti-Aging Supplements

    These cleverly designed capsules work within weeks to give you exceptional results against tired, dull and ageing skin. The capsules help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles; making your skin firmer while providing much needed moisture and protection against free-radicals. The formula is based on Grape extract, Grape-seed Oil, Borage Oil and Primrose Oil.

    How To Use – The dose can be customised to your skin’s needs. Take 2 capsules daily in between meals if you have normal skin. Those with dry skin can take unto 4 capsules a day.

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  3. Fountain - The Beauty Molecule

    This is not your standard supplement pill as such but it works in a very similar way. The formula is based on Resveratrol from the Japanese Knotweed, which is known as a powerful antioxidant as well as possessing anti-inflammatory properties. The formula also contains Hyaluronic Acid to maintain youthfulness and hydration.

    How To Use – Take one 5ml teaspoon per day mixed with juice or water.

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  4. Philip Kingsley - PK4HAIR

    Get your hair looking beautiful and healthy with these nutritional hair supplements! PK4HAIR contains Soya Protein which is a source of essential amino acids needed for the production of Keratin. The protein nutrients are absorbed by the hair follicles and have been proven to show results in 3 months. Suitable for all hair types, the capsules are ideal for replenishing lost nutrients and strengthening the hair.

    How To Use – Take 2 capsules twice a day.

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