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The Best At-Home Spa Night

The Best At-Home Spa Night

With spring in full swing, and the cleaning out of the way, it’s a great time to enjoy some “me time” and have an at-home spa night. We love to light the candles, run a bath, and indulge in some good quality time to ourselves. Switching off your phone and television and swapping them for a book instead can also help your mind to relax, so that your body and brain are at one with each other.

The Origins Calm to your Senses Collection is perfect for enjoying an at-home spa night when you need time to switch off and relax. The soothing and delicate notes of Lavender and Vanilla will fill your bathroom with a comforting scent and help you wind down after a long day.

Enjoy a Relaxing Evening At-Home

Indulge in these gorgeous goodies from Origins to really enjoy your night in and make the most of this time to yourself.

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    Lavender and Vanilla Oil for Bath and Body

    We love to pour a capful of this gorgeously scented bath oil under warm running water. Infused with Lavender and Vanilla which help to soothe and calm frayed nerves, this lovely bath oil will put you at ease. Enriched with Soybean, Jojoba and Olive Oils, the formulation helps to nourish your skin and keep it soft and silken.

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    Lavender and Vanilla Body Cleanser

    We love to wash our skin with this cleanser when it needs a boost of love! Infused with the same gorgeous Lavender and Vanilla scent as the Bath Oil, this is also enriched with Coconut Oil, which deeply nourishes the skin. The cleanser helps to wash away impurities and dirt, to leave skin clean and well protected.

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    Lavender and Vanilla Body Souffle

    This luxuriously moisturising cream from Origins is infused with a warming Vanilla scent. The formula itself is enriched with Apricot Kernel, Grape Seed and Olive Oils which deliver intense hydration into the skin. We love to apply this after stepping out of the bath when our skin is still warm. This helps the cream to absorb in quickly and easily.

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