Which CC Cream is Right For Me?

Which CC Cream is Right For Me?

Alphabet Beauty is becoming increasingly popular. BB (Beauty Balm), CC (Colour Correction), DD (Double Duty) and even EE Creams (welcome to an “Even Effect” Skintone from Estée Lauder) are crazes in the beauty industry. However, because there is a wide range of products out there, it can be tricky deciding which one is right for you.

Coming into Spring, the weather is changing and days can go from being cold to warm. Our skin therefore can suffer from redness, sensitivity and imperfections. The CC Cream is the best choice to tackle these problems as its colour correcting properties will help to minimise signs of discolouration and leave you with an even and radiant complexion.

What are CC Creams?

Infused with moisturising ingredients, CC Creams will give your skin a burst of hydration. Unlike BB Creams, they actually contain colour correcting technology, which helps to tackle signs of redness, pigmentation and imperfections, to leave you with an even skintone. Although they don’t have full coverage formulations, they do help to tone down blemishes and hyper-redness, without feeling heavy or sticky on the skin. They are a great choice when transitioning into Spring and are great for the Summer months as a lot of them contain SPF.

What is the Best CC Cream for my Concern?

There a lot of CC Creams to choose from depending on your skin type and environment. Choosing one that is going to offer you the most skincare benefits will not only ensure that your complexion looks even and radiant, but also that it is protected and healthy.

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    Best for the City Girls

    Lancôme’s City Miracle CC Cream works brilliantly for anyone living in cities or in polluted areas. The formula itself has even been tested across some of the most polluted areas in the world! With the added benefit of SPF 50, the cream delivers exceptional coverage for such a lightweight texture, and will easily blend away signs of redness, discolouration and imperfections.

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    Best for Sensitive Skin

    If you suffer from sensitive skin, then this one from Pür Minerals is for you. The formulation is made up of botanical ingredients, including Wheatgerm and Meadowsweet, which help to brighten the skin and keep your complexion free from imperfections and blemishes. As it is silicone-free, it won’t irritate sensitised skin, and instead will leave you with an even and flawless base.

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    Best for Everyday Wear

    This CC Cream from Darphin is great to use everyday, as it has an SPF 35 and helps to cover blemishes and imperfections. It is super blendable and very easy to apply, so is great when you’re busy in the morning and need to put on your makeup quickly. As it gives medium coverage, you can wear it on its own and add in extra concealer under your eyes should you need it to brighten them.

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    Best for Mature Skin

    Infused with Ruby Crystal Complex, which helps to illuminate and brighten your skin, this CC Cream will even out your skintone and give your complexion a fresh and radiant finish. The Vitamin C enriched formula is great for keeping your skin nourished and healthy, and with an added SPF 30, your skin has added protection from harmful UV rays. Helping to minimise fine lines and wrinkles, this CC Cream is great for ensuring your skin looks and feels its best.

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    Best for Fuller Coverage

    If you are looking for a CC Cream that has slightly more fuller coverage, then this Bourjois one will tick all your boxes. Described as a CC Cream Foundation, the formula will leave your skin looking even, radiant and flawless, with long-lasting coverage. With added SPF 15, it will also help to keep your skin protected, whilst taking down signs of redness and discolouration within the skin.

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