Day 18 Advent Reveal: Dr. Lipp’s Nipple Balm

Day 18 Advent Reveal: Dr. Lipp’s Nipple Balm

The Original Nipple Balm for Lips by Dr. Lipp is a cult beauty classic and has become an essential among top celebrity makeup artists.

Developed by Pontine Paus as a remedy for severely cracked lips, the unique balm is now widely recognised as a multi-purpose balm. The versatile, hypoallergenic formula is suitable for all skin types and works to soothe and heal dry skin.

This legendary skincare classic is behind door number eighteen of your Beauty in Wonderland Advent Calendar so you can too can fall in love with this must have product.

Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm

Made from 100% pure, medical grade Lanolin, the balm deeply nourishes the skin to relieve soreness and speed up skin repair.

Its hero ingredient is Lanolin, which is a highly emollient and effective natural moisturiser that has been used in pharmaceuticals for centuries. As it emulsifies on the skin, it helps to retain hydration; conditioning and protecting the skin. This wonderful ingredient makes the balm so soothing and effective.

Dr. Lipp’s Nipple Balm for Lips has also achieved cult status as a result of its multi-functionality. As the balm is tasteless and fragrance free, it’s ideal for applying to other areas of the body. Here are some of our favourite uses for the the Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm.


As a Lip Primer

Apply the Nipple Balm as a lip primer before your favourite lipstick. Long lasting lipstick formulas are often quite drying on the lips, particularly liquid lipsticks, so applying the Nipple Balm before will form a protective barrier for your lips.

As an Eye Gloss

Use the Nipple Balm to create a glossy eye look. Simply sleek the balm over bare eyelids and apply mascara for an editorial eye gloss look.

As Nail Care

Massage into cuticles to soften the skin and rejuvenate your nails.

As an Adhesive

Glitters and loose pigments can often be tricky to work with. To help with application and increase their longevity, apply the Nipple Balm as base.

With so many possible uses, it is hardly surprising that the Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm is such a cult favourite.



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