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Why taking a bath is more than just a relaxation technique…

Why taking a bath is more than just a relaxation technique…

Sinking into a tub full of warm water and bath oils is the ultimate remedy against a long and stressful day.

Why should we be taking a bath?

The soothing warm temperature and soothing atmosphere does more than simply promote a relaxed sense of mind. Read on to find out why bathing can be one of the most therapeutic things you can do.

Helps relieve anxiety

Taking a bath can have a really positive influence on your brain and nervous system. Being submerged in water helps to reduce both stress and anxiety levels; letting you unwind after a long day.

The warm temperature of the water, along with the addition of relaxing essential oils helps to create a comforting atmosphere, which in turns encourages happy endorphin release for a more balanced emotional state.

Make sure you light candles and use therapeutic bath soaks to help make your bath experience an even more relaxing one. We love the Aromaworks Serenity collection, which has a base of Lemongrass, Neroli and Geranium. Light the 3-wick candle, which releases a blend of essential oils, and pop the bath bomb into the water for a truly indulgent bath-time.

Improves oxygenation and the removal of toxins

Having a warm bath can help encourage oxygen to be transported through the body. This is because you find yourself in a more relaxed state, which in turn promotes deeper breathing, and of of course, deeper inhalation.

When you increase oxygen levels in the body, it helps to clear out toxins from the system, meaning you feel a better sense of wellbeing in yourself.

In addition, gentle steam inhalation from the warm water helps to clear stuffy noses from colds and flu, to help you feel better if suffering from the dreaded winter illnesses.

If you do have a cold, and want to boost your bath, add in a scoop of the Kneipp Eucalyptus Bath Salts. The refreshing scent of the essential oils helps to clear the sinuses and warm the body, so you feel cocooned in a world of comfort.

Aids with muscular pain

Taking a hot bath is the ultimate remedy against muscular pain and aching joints. The warm temperature helps to increase heat deep inside the muscles, which in turn blocks out the pain sensors.

Sink into a bath with a product dedicated to soothing sore and aching muscles, and re-energising you. We love the REN Atlantic Kelp and Microalgae Bath Oil, which turns into a milky consistency once it hits the water. It’s packed with energising ingredients, which makes it great for revitalising the body after exercise.



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