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How to Contour Your Face Like a Pro

How to Contour Your Face Like a Pro

Contouring is the best way to add shape and definition to your face; it can exaggerate your cheekbones, smooth your jawline and define your nose all is a few well places strokes of a brush. Discover how to contour like a pro with our tips.

Tips for Contouring

Contouring can be as fierce or as subtle as you like, depending on how you apply it and the products you choose. These are the tips we swear by for getting those killer cheekbones

Choose your Formula

Liquid and gel bronzing products give a soft, dewy finish that works beautifully for a subtle daytime look. We love the Illamasqua Gel Sculpt for a natural shadow effect.

In contrast, a cream or powder contour can give a much stronger, more matte effect that works perfectly with baking to leave your cheekbones razor sharp.

Find the Right Spot

Where you place your shadow makes a huge difference to your contour.

To find your cheekbones, use your hands to feel for the hollow spot under your cheekbones; that is the spot where you want to place your contour shadow.

On the nose, contour down either side will slim the width, whilst contour under the tip will minimise the end of your nose. Experiment with the right places for your face.

Colour Match

For seamless contouring, the colour you choose is so important. Ideally, 1 or 2 shades darker than your natural skin tone will give the most believable finish.

Look for matte shades with a cool undertone to mimic the natural shadows on your skin. It will stop the contour looking too muddy or artificial.

Blend it Out

Harsh edges and strong lines are the biggest no-no for contour; it is all about blending. A tapered contour brush will give you the most precise application for powders and for creams, a complexion sponge is your best friend.

Going for detail around the nose? Try using a clean eyeshadow brush to fit the smaller space.

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