How to Keep Your Tan

How to Keep Your Tan

Whether real or fake, your tan can fade all too quickly. These are our tips for keeping that golden glow for as long as possible, this Summer and beyond.


Thinking ahead can help boost your tan and keeping it lasting longer.

If you’re heading to the sun this Summer, try taking some tan optimiser supplements before, during and after your holiday, to help boost melanin production for a tan that stays looking beautiful.


It might seem counterproductive, but gentle exfoliation every few days helps keep your tan even.

Proper exfoliation will also get rid of dry or flaky skin, help prevent ingrown hairs and leave your limbs looking smooth as well as making sure your tan doesn’t go patchy; what more could you want?


Keeping your skin well hydrated is probably the number one rule for keeping your tan looking great.

Not only does moisturised skin tan better in the first place, but it also helps counter the dullness of dry skin for a deeper looking glow. Just avoid oil-based moisturisers if you’re fake tanning- these can make tan slip off the skin.


One of our favourite ways to keep a golden tan looking like you just stepped off the plane is to cheat a little; boost it with either golden bronzers or gradual tanners.

These add a subtle touch of colour that helps fight the fade. Just be gentle with your application- gradual tan every couple of days should be enough to keep your tan looking natural.

Want more tanning tips? Check out our top 10 fake tans as well as the essential tips for getting a perfect, even glow with our beginner’s guide.



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