Repair and prevent Split Ends with ghd

Repair and prevent Split Ends with ghd

Split ends are every girl’s hair nightmare. You leave the salon with perfect, shiny healthy hair, and mere weeks later, it can start to look broken and dull. What causes split ends and what can we do to prevent them?

Lookfantastic caught up with ghd to find out more about split ends and discuss what we can do to combat the problem with their Advanced Split End Therapy.

What are split ends?

A split end is a tip of a person’s hair which has split from dryness or ill-treatment. You’ll often see them as white dots at the ends of your hair shafts, or you might be able to spot where the hair has split into to. They make the hair texture rough and unmanageable, and if left untreated, a split end can split the entire hair, all the way up to the root!

What causes split ends?

Your diet

Unhealthy eating can result in split ends due to the lack of vitamins in the diet. Vitamins B and C, alongside minerals such as zinc, copper and manganese and selenium all help to strengthen the hair and keep it strong, nourished and healthy. Try to eat a varied diet and you can also try taking a hair supplement to boost your nourishment.

Too much sun

UV rays of the sun can greatly damage hair, causing the hair to dry out. Try covering up your hair with headscarves and hats on holiday to limit the damage.

Pulling your hair

Brushing your hair too roughly or combing your hair when wet and tugging at it can all lead to split ends. Try only brushing your hair when dry and sticking to wide tooth combs straight out of the shower.


When your body is dehydrated, you can feel it in your skin and energy, and your hair is no different – your hair needs to be hydrated to stay healthy! So make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day and your hair will thank you.

Not enough protection

So many of us use heat to style our hair, whether it is a blow dry in the morning before work, straightening it each day or curling it for a special occasion. Too much heat can weaken and damage hair but with the right products, this can be reduced.

ghd’s solution for split ends with Advanced Split End Therapy

ghd knows you don’t want to stay away from your styling products, so they have come up with a product that means you don’t have to.

This new treatment has been formulated to help maintain healthy hair through heat, washing and styling. Using a ‘Thermo-Marine Bonding System’ containing Red Seaweed and a potent blend of nutrients the Advanced Split End Therapy works to nourish and protect hair. Its ingredients are activated by the heat of your styler to help nourish and fortify dry damaged ends; smoothing and sealing the hair to leave it feeling sleek smooth and shiny.

After use, hair is left feeling stronger and looking sleek and shinier with fewer visible split ends for up to 5 – 10 washes. The result? Your hair remains smooth, silky and stunning!



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