2 Steps to Getting Clean, Healthy Teeth

Is it just us here at Lookfantastic HQ, or are there endless adverts on the TV at the moment about healthy gums, sensitive teeth and taking care of your lovely gnashers? We thought we’d strip out all the noise about different toothpastes, toothbrushes, mouthwashes and make it clear and simple with just 2 steps.

Firstly, protect your teeth from harsh treatments, brushes and toothpastes! And secondly help re-build and regenerate your enamel for strong, healthy teeth. Find out how with Foreo ISSA and Regenerate Boosting Serum! 


Millions of us worldwide use electric toothbrushes, seen as a better option to the manual toothbrush by allowing you to reach further and clean further. But, Foreo have taken a fantastic leap with the Foreo ISSA towards colourful and professional dental innovation so you can keep your teeth safe while you clean!

So what is it that makes the Foreo ISSA the perfect tool for protecting your teeth and providing a safe, effective dental routine?

1. It’s made from silicone, so the bristles are much more gentle on your enamel and gums. Taking this step towards protecting your teeth can have a huge benefit in the long run. Harsh nylon bristles are more likely to brush away the enamel from your teeth, making them harder to protect in the future and much more sensitive.

2. Another reason why the Foreo ISSA is made from silicone is because nylon bristles tend to harbour germs. The nonporous silicone they use is much easier to clean and prevents the build up of these dreaded germs.

3. The 3D functionality and ergonomic structure of the brush allows you to reach every crevice of your mouth without any damage to your gums.

4. The vibrations of the ISSA deliver a comfortable gum massage to help prevent gum recession.

5. It removes plaque gently, to protect your enamel but fully clean your teeth, removing stains and whitening in the process.



With so many fizzy pop options and treats available in today’s world, the opportunity for acid attacks on your teeth are endless. Acid attacks caused by food and drink contribute to enamel erosion and can be avoided in two ways.

1. Make sure fizzy drinks, sweets and chocolate aren’t part of your day-to-day diet. Cut back and save them for a treat!

2. Help re-build and regenerate your enamel with Regenerate Boosting Serum. This advanced toothpaste and serum treatment set helps boost enamel growth by 43% and reverse the effect of acid attacks and enamel erosion.

Will you be using Foreo ISSA or Regenerate to help get clean healthy teeth? Tell us in the comments box below! Make sure you tag any pictures on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with @Lookfantastic! 




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