2010: A Gym Odyssey

Your intentions are good. You look for a gym that offers a monthly membership at a plausible price. After months of looking you finally find something. Could this really be? Is the ultimate excuse for not joining the gym really over? More importantly: how in Jupiter’s name are you going to deal with the 3rd thing you fear the most (after spiders and Elton John) – those first days of workout after years of dolce fare niente.

Sounds familiar? Well, that’s kind of where I am at the moment.

I’ve always been quite scared of the gym for endless reasons, but the first one being the most common amongst us shy girls: the walk. The walk. Not just any walk, but THAT first walk in the gym, when everything seems to suddenly go slow-mo apart from you. The self-conscious voice inside your head saying ‘Oh man, that guy just totally looked at me in disgust’ or the impulse to go and workout at the machine which is furthest away from the crowd.

Then there’s the terrible and crucial second day. Now, knowing me I thought it would go down like this: ‘Aaaah, I ache so much. Uuuuh, no way I can do that again. Eeeeh, I pushed myself too much, maybe it’s a bad idea’, but funnily enough this time I found my inner bully who told me ‘Er, get over it. If you don’t do this you’ll be all whiney and I just can’t deal with it anymore. I mean, really, it’s tiring living inside your head.’ So, guess what? I took my inner bully’s advice and it’s been working so far. It’s only been a week and a half, but I’ve been motivated (with some help of my gym-obsessed friends, of course) to do it and not coming up with any silly excuses. Take that, inner bully!

My advice to any of you struggling with finding some motivation to join the gym is a) make sure you take some punk rock to listen to on your music player and b) don’t make a big deal out of it. I’ll never like the gym – honestly. I much prefer reading a book and watching a movie. But as long as I’m fully aware of this (that it’s not a biggie and it’s just an hour of my time every other day of the week), I reckon I’ll be willing to sacrifice.

Wish me luck!




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