5 Easy Steps to Treat Adult Acne

There is a lot of speculation when it comes to managing acne or even breakouts once in a while.  Some people are adamant that it is due to certain diet while others purely blame genetics  From my understanding as a pharmacist, it is not a condition which is associated with one cause but is a result of few collective reasons.  So what can we do to try and improve our acne?  I have compiled a list of 5 simple things that will definitely help.

1 – Cleansing


I can’t put enough importance on cleaning your skin every night – make sure you use a cleanser which is recommended for oily acne prone skin and clean your skin thoroughly.   This will ensure that you are removing all dirt and oils from our pores which as a result will allow your skin to perform its functions like rejuvenation and detoxing.

2 – Eat Right

This doesn’t necessarily meaning ditching all the good stuff but you need to achieve a balanced diet for yourself.  A lot of times we are so lost in other people recommendations that we end up forgetting our own body’s needs.

When you hear people tell you to cut certain food out, it may not always be helpful.  There is no scientific backing behind chocolate, gluten, or nuts causing acne, just remember moderation is key. If you think a certain food group such as dairy or wheat might be causing you trouble, cut it out and see how you feel after a couple of weeks!

3 – Supplements


Although it can be quite a controversial topic, I believe that supplements help us boost all essential vitamins and minerals. When you’re changing your diet or your lifestyle, it can be hard to ensure we are getting all our vitamins and minerals – so this is where supplements come in.  Some key ingredients to looks out for are vitamin B3 (niacin and niacinamide), vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E as well as zinc and omegas.

4 – Hormones

Hormones play a really big part in development of acne and it is different for each individual.  Hormonal acne often results due to fluctuations of testosterone and this hormone imbalance is what causes breakouts during the menstrual cycle as well.  Although topical treatments will help in this, getting professional advice and treatment is more beneficial so make sure you speak to your doctor if you feel your acne is related to your hormones.

5 – Products


This is definitely one of the biggies when it comes to treating adult acne.  Always read the ingredients and avoid using products which will aggravate and sensitise your skin.  One of the easiest ways to identify these is to stay away from comedogenic ingredients.  These include alcohols, minerals,  rich oils and butters as well as things like Myristyl Myristate which are part of the fatty acids family.  There are some natural botanicals that can worsen your acne as well so be careful of products containing algae and carrageenan.

So which products are right for oily, acne prone skin?

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These 5 steps don’t cover everything with regards to managing acne, but it will at least provide you with some guidance.  It is vital to remember that everyone is an individual and will have different needs.  If there is anything that you feel has helped you out or if you have any further questions – email me at or tweet me @LFpharmacist.

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