5 Pregnancy Skincare Tips for Mums-to-Be

We all have royal baby fever here at Lookfantasticwe’ve spent our bank holiday weekend in suspense over the name of the newborn Princess and now we’re keeping our eyes peeled for any new pictures of the beautiful Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Holding the beautiful newborn this weekend, was a woman who nearly stole the show herself – the Duchess of Cambridge, looking unbelievable, only hours after giving birth (who even knew this was possible?!).

Royal Family

Source: BBC News

A few of Kate’s beauty secrets have been revealed in the past couple of months that have had us thinking; what beauty problems do you have to overcome during and after a pregnancy – and how can we help you solve them? Have a read of our top 5 tips and you’ll be looking and feeling like the lovely Kate Middelton in no time!

1. Make your eyes sparkle

Nights spent tossing and turning trying to get comfortable can often mean tired eyes. Try not to drink too much tea before bed, make sure you have a happy, cosy sleeping environment and most importantly, look after your eyes during the day. The Vichy Idealia eye cream has an innovative application system which means you don’t even have to touch or rub your eyes. This lovely eye cream contains caffeine too, so not only will it help renew your eyes but it will help your eye contour feel softer, hydrated and more supple, it’s the perfect replacement for good ol’ faashioned beauty sleep.

2. Fight the dullness

Fight The Dullness

So we’ve all heard of the beautiful pregnancy glow – one of those things that makes everyone coo and smile at you, telling you how wonderful you look, and how much you suit being pregnant. This glow is definitely one of the skincare positives when you’re pregnant, but for most it’s only temporary. If you feel like you’re seeing signs of dullness or uneven skin tone then make sure you’re drinking enough water, getting your daily recommended intake of vitamins and use a BB/CC cream when you’re out and about.

3. Achieve Baby Soft Skin

This year’s Royal Reveal was Kate’s favourite Triology Rosehip Oil. A source told the press that : ‘Kate continues to use rosehip oil in her daily skincare regiment. She loves the effect is has on her skin. Carole is also a fan.’

Known for it’s organic soothing components, this beautiful oil can help you get skin as soft as your newborn baby’s!

4. Help your body bounce back














When we think of pregnancy and our bodies changing, a couple of things spring to mind; stretch marks and skin that may not be as tight as we’d like it to be! To help with these common problems, we recently launched two iconic skincare brands, StriVectin and Mama Mio.

Mama Mio are pregnancy skincare experts and have created an entire range to help you look after your skin both during and post pregnancy. You can pick and choose from body care kits, oils, butters and cleansers too so you can  elasticise, calm, nourish and protect your skin in a premium, luxury way!

StriVectin are also an iconic skincare brand that have developed a intensive concentrate, which has been extremely successful with reducing visible stretchmarks. It’s safe for you to use when you’re pregnant and the results speak for themselves, check them out here.

5. Treat yourself

Having a newborn baby is time consuming, but make sure you still set 5 minutes of time for yourself every day. Put together a quick, but thorough skincare regime and make sure you pay attention when your skin feels oily, dry or tired. We promise you’ll feel much better starting the day off well, and you’ll thank us later!

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