A confession of a guilty pleasure

It was the guilty pleasures theme on X Factor this weekend that has inspired me to uncover my latest covet. I know that it is completely wrong, and I’d love to say that the bad acting and glowing orange skin has turned me off, but I would be lying. I love the new ITV2 show ‘The Only Way Is Essex’. There I’ve said it!

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, think of The Hills, but an English version, that’s packed full of fake boobs, fake nails, fake tan … and that’s just the boys! I have read in several places that anyone with an ounce of intelligence will not enjoy this trash ‘reality’ TV show but I have to hold my hands up and totally disagree.

There are a number of us ladies in LF towers who look forward to seeing what delight Nana Pat has cooked up for the extremely arrogant ‘love rat’ Mark and what latest beauty trend the ladies of Essex will be sharing with us. It introduced vajazzle to the unsuspecting wider world; the style of fake gems stuck around a woman’s freshly-waxed bikini line (seriously they actually did this).261010

I have my doubts that any of these trends will catch on outside the county (well lets hope not), but it is definitely a very entertaining and enlightening half an hour of TV. And for all of you who really do believe the only way is Essex you can stock up on St. Tropez and False lashes here at LF!




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