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About Me: Wears batman capes and oversized hats. Scatters black petals on Rei Kawakubo’s doorsteps and serenades her in rap.” Tavi Gevinson

I have mused on this blog for a few months now. Figuring that to write a worthy piece, I would at least need to have some idea of where my debate would end. This became increasingly arduous as I dived into the blogosphere, attempting to ascertain the general consensus on the pint sized style rookie -Tavi Gevinson. From covering NYFW and Pop magazine, to her recent (impressively mature) reply to Tanya Gold’s anti-fashion rant, I have become a voluntary voyeur on her surprising rise to fame.tavi_dull

I recall the ramblings of a thirteen year old Sarah, complete with her own personal writing code; that could only be cracked by those willing to decipher the phonetic spellings? I called it poetic license. It wasn’t. It was an ambitious zest for fantastical stories coupled with a nonchalant stance on spelling tests. But I loved writing; I genuinely did, so in this respect, I whole heartedly admire Tavi Gevinson for her enthralling insight to the art of fashion. She writes, she plays and she dreams. Awkward artistic creativity oozes from every step she takes towards the front row hot list. Above all, she is passionate and she is endearing. She writes with a fresh and positive approach and has thus far; stayed in favour of the sharks she swims with.

Yesterday, after poising her child like frame on one of the most sought after seats in Paris, she reportedly swung her floral clad legs (she’s a girl after my own heart) and proceeded to infuriate many a haughty haute couture connoisseurs. It can take years of hard slog to work one’s way from the sardine-stand only to the nosebleed seats, before finally landing a perch close enough to spot the models’ split ends. The runway throne that Tavi adorned at the Christian Dior Haute Couture Show is generally reserved for the poignant bottoms of the couture-elitist. But armed with her best inquisitive pout and a mean ‘thinking-cap’ (in the form of a £5000 Stephan James maroon bow) she proceeded not only to re affirm her influential status in an industry that’s frantic to float; she also managed to take a huge slice of centre stage cake for herself.

A day later and the snake pit of self appointed fashion gurus is writhing with acerbic criticism. Die hard players resent this fashion freshman, jumping the que of recognition only to pop her pre-pubescent pins directly in front row. The claws are out and the hissing is deafening. “But why” they gasp. “How did this eighth grade child get here? Has the world gone mad?” Unfortunately, (more so for Tavi) the fashion world has not lost its Swarovski marbles, it is simply ‘working it’ in the way it knows best…

Long gone are the days where the fashion world was a fantastical land, pinned high on a pedestal and ring fenced with splendour. The world has gone real time, glossies are down and bloggers are up. People are awash with information at the click of a mouse and the thought of waiting for Vogue to publish pictures of Celine’s new collection just feels dreary. Bloggers are on the pulse; renowned for authoring inventive posts just in timLabrador retriver creame for the models to read when they get home. They have single-handedly made high fashion accessible.

So in coexisting alongside the backlash of a global recession, the fashion industry is being innovative in investing in these teen obsessives. Cheaper than a full page spread and boasting the ability to have their voice echo through the blogosphere indefinitely, which fashion house would not spare a single front row ticket to the full proof marketing-novelty that is Tavi Gevinson. The growing concern is, when we consider the over night inception Ms Gevinson has had on this fickle and infinitely guiltless industry, and consider the long term outcome of her venture, it may well give birth to some seeds of empathy. Forget the critics, they are her biggest advocate. But what if, when these young puppies grow up, the enchantment fades and investors return? Will her makers turn their backs on Tavi Gevinson to court with deep pocket socialites and influential glossies once more? Will this impressionable thirteen year old style rookie, who loves to dress up in batman capes and oversized hats, be dropped like a pair of last seasons Lanvin’s?

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