Age before beauty?

anti-ageing-woman1“I don’t know why it’s not ok to age, I think that a face without lines and planes is an expressionless face – it’s a face that lacks warmth and confidence.” – Bobbi Brown

Ask any woman to list her main beauty concerns and I guarantee that ageing will be up there. “How do we stop it?”, “How do we reverse it?”, “Why is it happening to me!”. Anti-ageing products are being targeted at younger women by the year, and unless we opt for surgery, what hope do we have of stopping time in its tracks? Well, we don’t. It’s an inevitability of life. And if you are looking for an overnight result, then hit your back button right now. The only truly effective way to address your ageing agenda is to opt for a holistic approach – starting today!


If you don’t know it already, your best weapon against ageing is SPF. You probably don’t realise how much your face is exposed to sunlight – SPF is an essential! And the best bit is it’s in your moisturiser, your foundation, your concealer – it’s virtually impossible not to incorporate it into your skincare routine – you just need to check the label and make sure it’s present.


It sounds pretty corny but there is nothing more attractive than confidence. Own your beauty, don’t be afraid of it and embrace your own individuality! Stop searching for beauty within editorially picture perfect models we see in magazines who, admittedly look good in drapey clothes, but are totally unrepresentative of the women we see on a daily basis (especially on the 49A bus route).


Surgery’s not for everyone. And if the prospect of resembling a swollen, distended inflatable dolly is not enough to deter you then just look at the celebrity examples surrounding us that prove that the odd plump, nip or the more-often-than-not tummy tuck can lead to tragic results.

Let nature take its course, and adopt a more natural approach to beauty and the ageing process in general. Carry yourself well and accept that is actually OK to AGE! Keep your skin healthy and well nourished and relish the course your beauty is taking. We’re definitely with Bobbi Brown on this one: embrace your wrinkly crinklies and wear your age with inner beauty.




Writer and expert