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Aveda do not mess about when it comes to hair care. From their Smooth Infusion range to their Damage Remedy range, they continuously look for problems and find solutions to fix them in the form of their products. And, in fact, the Aveda Damage Remedy range is no exception. In fact, it is one of their most popular ranges and we couldn’t be more excited about the re-launch with their brand new packaging.

aveda damage remedy products

Dealing with damaged hair

Dry and brittle, tangled and split or spongy and matted when wet; damaged hair is a problem most of us have had to deal with at some point. Damaged hair can be caused by a number of factors such as improper diet, environmental conditions, and chemical and physical mistreatment. Signs of hair damage start to appear when the hair strand’s outer protective layer (the cuticle) is worn down, exposing the fragile inner layers and making them more vulnerable. All layers of the hair are made up of mostly protein, meaning that when damaged it is losing its protein in the process, making the hair weak and easier to break. Keeping up? Well, all of this has been taken into consideration when Aveda designed their amazing Damage Remedy range.

do I have damaged hair?

“Trends toward hair colouring and thermal styling, in addition to exposure to environmental aggressors, have created a strong demand for hair-care regimens that help repair damage,” says Aveda’s Marketing Manager, Sandy Zappia Collins. She adds: “Over 70% of women claim they have some level of damaged hair, Damage Remedy is a highly conditioning restructuring system formulated with quinoa protein to moisturise and help repair damaged hair with instant results.” Damage Remedy is made up of four products to be used ideally in a regime for maximum results or separate for those who just need a little pick me up to revive. The products include the Restructuring Shampoo, Restructuring Conditioner and the Intensive Restructuring Treatment, but the real hair saviour in the range is theDamage Remedy Daily Hair Repair, with the brand’s research showing a 26% overall improvement after just one application!

aveda damage remedy daily hair repair

This daily leave-in treatment is enriched with super-strength quinoa protein, which is the key ingredient in their Damage Remedy formulas. Sacred to ancient Inca Indians for its life-supporting nutrients, quinoa contains more protein than any other nutritional grain whilst also offering 9 essential amino acids. The Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair treatment fills in any gaps in the damaged cuticles to instantly repair your hair by giving it back the protein it has lost in the damaging process. Soya oil and wheat protein in the formula help detangle to prevent breakage and protect against heat styling making this a daily dose of delightfulness for your tresses. Even if your hair isn’t currently damaged, wouldn’t you like to keep it that way? Aveda Damage Remedy products also provide a barrier for your hair, making it stronger and more resilient to future damage.

So whatever your hair type, chances are we could all definitely benefit from a bit of TLC from the salon expert brand, and you can find the full Aveda Hair Care range over on Lookfantastic now.



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