Bath-time Bliss

The perfect bath-time routine….

As the months get colder, a wonderfully hot bath is the ultimate beauty luxury! It is the best time to pop on a face mask, exfoliate your way to radiant skin, and moisturise for a beautiful glow! Whether you like your bath infused with essential oils, bath salts or bubbles, Look Fantastic has a wonderful range of Bath-time treats to give you a blissfully relaxing evening! Opting for products rich in oils, vitamins and skincare goodness are the easiest way to lock in hydration and moisture whilst ensuring your skin remains soft and smelling sweet!


Before you begin…

Before beginning your bath-time routine, we think it is a wonderful idea to set the mood and fill the air with scented goodness! Lighting an aromatherapy candle can help give a wonderful glow to your bathroom and let your eyes relax from the bright lights of the day, whilst infusing the room with wonderful scents which help to calm your mood and relax your senses.

We love Neom’s Christmas collection which includes two different scents: Christmas Wish and Perfect Peace. Christmas Wish is infused with cinnamon, mandarin and tonka-bean for a wonderfully relaxing and nostalgic scent, whilst Perfect Peace is like walking through a forest full of pine trees! It’s clear scent helps to calm the mood and create a peaceful atmosphere.

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To start…

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