Beauty Advent Calendar | Day 7

Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair Triple Rescue

This Christmas prepare yourself to shine regardless of your hair colour!  The Ultimate Color Repair Triple Rescue from Paul Mitchell preserves colour-treated hair while enhancing its shine and health.  The dual-phase formula ensures protection against all environmental aggressors such as sun and pollution damage, as well as shielding your hair from heat damage and styling tools.  The formula is based on Quinoa complex which helps your hair to lock in moisture, while its lightweight texture provides intense conditioning to your hair to leave it vibrant and healthy.

Open day 7 of your Beauty Advent Calendar to keep your hair in its healthiest condition possible!


How does it work?

The dual-phase formula means that the product penetrates deeper into the fibres to offer deeper conditioning and a higher level of protection against UV and heat damage than other thermal protection sprays. The top phase helps to shield fibres from heat damage; essential when you have colour-treated hair as this can lead to dulling and fading. The bottom phase uses a formulation of Quinoa Color Repair Complex which helps to nourish and moisturise the hair; leading to healthy and shiny locks – even in winter!

What is Quinoa?

Quinoa is a grain which contains a high level of protein and amino acid content; making it a great restorative ingredient for the hair! As amino acids are the building blocks of protein, they work deep within the fibres to repair the hair and restore it to a healthy condition. Quinoa works by going deep into the cortex of the hair (the thickest layer of your hair) and attaching itself to any damaged areas. It then creates a protective layer around the damage, which helps to lock in colour vibrancy and minimise any oxidative damage which would cause further dulling. This protective layer also helps to keep moisture locked into the cuticle and keep hair fibres hydrated; ensuring that they are smooth, soft and glossy all day long!

Directions: Spritz onto damp hair before styling and comb through to ensure the product reaches all hair fibres. Make sure to shake the bottle until both phases are completely blended to guarantee that your hair receives all the benefits!

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#LFBEAUTYTIP: Use the Triple Rescue alongside the other products in the Color Repair range for maximum benefits. The Ultimate Color Repair Shampoo is made with a sulphate-free formulation; making it ideal for people with sensitive skin and scalps. It uses a base of natural ingredients such as lemon peel extracts and sugar cane to deep cleanse and enhance shine. The Conditioner is just as miraculous! It contains a potent elixir of antioxidants to help protect against colour fading from UV damage, whilst deeply nourishing each strand of hair to reveal smooth and silky locks!

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