Beauty Bootcamp

Christmas is over and January is upon us. The shortest day has been and gone and it is onwards and upwards to the summer, and this year I have got my sights firmly set on getting a beach body! With absolutely no money left to my name, my gym membership is my only source of entertainment till February, so what better time to start my crusade to banish all of those wobbly bits?! Armed with good intentions and my LF buddy, I headed to the gym for the first time in a long time. My nerves are irrational, after all I’m doing this to better myself aren’t I? But this time around I am not alone and having a gym buddy has made the whole experience a lot less painful (not literally though!) and dare I say it, actually quite enjoyable.

Female on vacations lying by a swimming pool enjoying a sun tan

I never thought I would see the day where I would be lifting weights – but I did. We put ourselves through 45 minutes of various toning exercises designed to work every muscle group. I left the gym feeling revitalised, refreshed, a little achy, but my motivation of obtaining A-list standard beach beauty was still firmly imprinted in my mind.

So my advice for all those gunning for the perfect beach bod; grab yourself a gym buddy, go through the pain together, and why not give yourself a helping hand with this Maxitone protein shake. It comes with the promise to help you to ‘retain a toned and shapely’ figure – so come July you’ll be chilling out on the beach in a cut-out one piece looking nothing less than FIERCE.

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