Bikini challenge!

It’s that time of year again when all the magazines start issuing articles about how to get your body honed and toned in time for your summer holidays. With plans ranging from 4 weeks to 4 months covering everything from pedicures to cellulite busting exercises, it’s all a little overwhelming, especially when we’ve all just consumed vast quantities of chocolate over the Easter weekend!

Myself I’m off on holiday in exactly 4 weeks (can’t wait!) so in a desperate bid to get myself and my boyfriend (more for his benefit really!) bikini and trunk body perfect, I purchased a set of top notch Salter scales! Measuring all the most intricate details of your weight, just by standing on them, I now know my BMI, BMR, Total Muscle Mass and much more, probably more than I need to know, but it certainly is interesting.

So the challenge has been set, and the reward? Whoever wins gets a new bikini – banking on it being me then!



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