Blogger of the Week #2



Hey all! I’m Hayley from over at and I thought I would come and have a good old chit chat to you all as part of Lookfantastic blogger of the week. Firstly I’m thrilled to be here, and hope that I can share some tips and tricks with you all..

 I first started blogging just over a year ago, and haven’t had a day where I don’t check in on beautyrambles since! I originally started because at the beginning of last year I was actually really poorly and bed bound; and spent weeks reading blogs- all manners of blogs, beauty fashion food travel you name it; I read it. So I decided that since I was incapable of doing much else I’d have a little whirl at blogging and the rest they say is history. I’m really glad I started blogging, because to me it’s my hobby, my past time and something that I do for hours on end and still not get bored.

 My blog is definitely more beauty themed, simply because I’m a junkie- beauty is like my fix, I need it. Given a good bit of glitter, some glossy nails and voluminous hair and I’m set for the day! I’ve recently come back from a city trip so decided that I could share with you some essentials that I cannot leave the country without..

Firstly straighteners- I use GHD’s and don’t think I will ever be persuaded to use anything other..

ghd IV lemon professional stylerThis lemon professional styler couldn’t be any more me- or summer ready. I love them! I think the thing with GHD’s is that you can straighten curl or wave your hair, so you only need to pack the one tool!


Next up, another multi use product, this set of polishes from Nails Inc are perfect for traveling with 4 of brights these are perfect for travel, and the set has every colour that you will ever need.. I want it!


Next up- this compact little set holds all the pretty neutrals you’ll need for a trip and some cream shadows too- The quality of the Benefit Neutrals Most Glamorous Nudes Ever Eyeshadow Kit is second to none and I think the price point of this set for 6 products is amazing! I love nothing more than neutrals too- so this palette is perfect for the neutral lovers out there!


 And to clean yourself up after a day walking round the city, yet to restore the moisture in your hair if you have been visiting somewhere with a warmer climate, this Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Gift Set has all you need, shampoo, conditioner and the original hair oil to deep treat your hair and leave it ready to face the weather tomorrow; I think this little set is a perfect introduction to the brand too!


 Last but most definitely not least something that I look forward to using every day is the Dermalogica daily microfoliant– regardless of what my skin is doing, whether it’s being well behaved or having a crisis and breaking out- this gentle exfoliator restores calm, and definitely does its job and reveals a brighter clearer complexion- I mean the price tag is a little hefty, but it is worth every single penny- especially as one carton lasts me nearly 4 months!

Finally I thought I would round up with some beauty and blogging tips for you all


Be beauty wise. I think getting the perfect base is the start to a perfect face. By that I mean if you make your skin the best that it can be, you’ll notice an improvement in the way that your cosmetics work for you. I really think that skincare is the base that everyone should work with, not foundations- even if the foundation is amazing, if your skin’s not happy- the foundation won’t get the chance to work properly. And secondly- take the time brush your teeth for 2 whole minutes. The bigger the smile the happier you’ll feel and the more positive you’ll be. Works for me anyway.


Blogging wise- I don’t particularly agree with giving tips, as I think everyone is individual and what works for me won’t necessarily work for you- but I tend to stick to the rules, its my space I’ll do with it what I want. Want to blog about your milkshake recipe? Do it- want to debut your new lipstick/shoes/bathroom tiles do it. I love to see the blogger in their own skin- personally I think that makes the blog more enjoyable and makes me return for more!

Look forward to seeing some of you over on my blog soon..




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