Blogger of the Week #4


Hi my lovelies! I’m Megan Lillie, the writer of and I’ve amazingly been selected to be BeautyHub’s ‘Blogger of the Week’. How exciting is that?! I’m going to let you guys know a little bit about myself and my blog and share with you some products that I swear by.

This time last year I was very busy knuckling down and finishing my last year of college. Amongst revising for A-Levels, I stumbled upon the world of beauty and fashion blogs and instantly became hooked. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them and would do so every night before I went to bed and whenever I had a minute to spare. As I decided to take a gap year before venturing to University, I wanted something to fill my time besides working. This is when I thought, ‘wait a minute, I could start a blog!’ and voila, my little blog was born. Throughout my teens I’d tried many a different sports and hobbies and never found something that I truly loved. Now it feels like I’ve finally found my niche with blogging, and I love it. Someday, I wish to pursue it further and for it to one day be my full-time job; But until then I’m still going to pour every little ounce of my passion for all things fashion and beauty into Thumbelina Lillie. It’s going to be one heck of a journey, I hope!

I’m not going to lie, becoming a ‘Beauty Blogger’ has done some damage to my poor purse, I’m constantly looking for new beauty to buy. All it takes is reading two or three good reviews and bam! I’m sold and need to try it for myself. Whether it being make-up, hair products or skincare, my collection just seems to be growing and growing. I love products from both ends of the spectrum. The high-street constantly gives us good bargains in terms of cosmetics, I mean, who doesn’t love the ever raved about Lasting Perfection concealer from Collection?! Yet there’s some little form of satisfaction you get from buying a high-end product; Cough cough, hello Chanel! I decided to choose my 5 top products from LookFantastic that I personally use myself and would recommend to anyone in a flash…

 Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

Urban Decay’s ‘Naked 2’ palette – I use this palette every day and for every occasion! As a lover of neutral eye shadows, this palette certainly delivers. With this I can create a subtle everyday work look and then smoke it out whenever I go out to party.

 Real Techniques Core Collection Kit

Real Technique’s ‘Core Collection’ – I can’t remember what brushes I used before I came across Real Techniques but I will never look back. These brushes pick up the ideal amount of product and are so soft!


Benefit Brow Zings

Benefit’s ‘Brow Zings’ – This was the first ever ‘proper’ eyebrow product I bought, I had always used a regular brown eye shadow to fill in any sparse areas of my brows. This duo of a wax and powder is the perfect combination to create your desired eyebrows, without going over the top!


 Tangle Teezer Original Blue Blush

Tangle Teezer – Behold, the greatest hair brush to grace the earth! This little baby is my best friend. As my hair is really unruly and prone to knots I need a gentle brush that isn’t painful to use, and this is the one!


 L'Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil (125ml)

L’Oreal Professional Mythic Oil – My hair always feels and looks a lot smoother and healthier when I use an oil after washing. L’Oreal hit the nail on the head with this product, and it’s suitable for all hair types, bonus!

My top tip for looking after your skin is to get back to basics! Make sure you rid your skin of any ‘nasties’ before you tuck yourself into bed. Cleanse. Tone. Exfoliate. Moisturise. Treat your skin with care and it will certainly pay off in the long run. It may take ten minutes longer than a quick make-up remover wipe, but getting yourself into a daily skincare routine can work wonders for your skin – it definitely did to mine! Even though it can also take time to find products that work on your skin, but it’s so worth it.  As for your hair; protect it! Try avoid using anything that includes harsh chemicals and always use a heat protector before you blow dry or use any other hair tools. Believe me, your hair will thank you for it!

If I could give any tip to any blogger, being new or old, I would say that the world is your oyster! Be your own boss, have fun and let your personality shine through your blog. Get yourself involved with the huge and ever so lovely, blogging community and you’ll make friends in an instant. Don’t be afraid to advertise your own blog either, be proud and let everyone know about it!


I’ve really enjoyed writing this for you, I hope you take the time out to check out and enjoy reading

Thank you!
Megan xxx



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