Care for your afro hair with PHYTO SPECIFIC

Because of its naturally, curly, coarse and frizzy nature, afro hair can be a real pain to look after. But, it doesn’t have to be. With amazing hair and skin care brands like PHYTO SPECIFIC here at Lookfantastic, your frizzy, unruly locks can truly be tamed, and your skin be brought back to its natural beauty again, with the ultra specific care it deserves.

Let’s take a deeper look into the details behind the brand, and why it is so great for afro hair and darker or colored skins.



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PHYTO SPECIFIC care for afro hair and darker, coloured skin tones

Patrick Ales, the founder of the PHYTOSOLBA laboratories brought his most prominent specialists together to leverage their fabulous knowledge of plants, and how they can specifically cure and scientifically resolve issues related to these types of hair and skin.

The PHYTO SPECIFIC team is headed up by Doctor Fatou Batchily PLat, of African Descent, who manages teams of Phytochemist engineers, pharmacists and dermatologists. With her PHD in Science in Pharmaceutical and Chemistry, Doctor PLat was able to use her know-how knowledge of the industry to give birth to PHYTO SPECIFIC, a new generation of hair care and dermo cosmetics.

This botanical hair care brand has products which tailor to all hair types, including natural frizzy hair, natural curly hair, relaxed hair, damaged, brittle hair, fine hair and devitalised hair. The range includes everything from shampoos and conditioners, to skin care, child care and specialised care. Below are some of our shining stars from the range, let us know what you think in the comments below!

PHYTO SPECIFIC Ultra-Smoothing Mask

Ultra Smoothing Mask

PHYTO SPECIFIC ultra-smoothing mask

If your afro hair has been through the relaxing process, the PHYTO SPECIFIC Ultra-Smoothing Mask is ideal. Formulated with methiosil and sea lavender, this smoothing conditioning mask provides your hair with ultimate hydration, whilst strengthening and repairing your hair from within.

PHYTO SPECIFIC Ultra-Repair Night Treatment Pot

ultra repair night treatment pot

PHYTO SPECIFIC Ultra Repair Night Treatment Pot

Intensively repair your frizzy, brittle afro hair with the PHYTO SPECIFIC Ultra Repair Night Treatment Pot. Clinical studies have revealed that user’s hair was actually repaired by up to 90% when using this treatment, and user’s also reported their hair was 100% bouncier thanks to the powerful 48 hour repair formula. The treatment contains slow releasing micro-capsules, which work to rebuild and soften the hair shafts to make your hair stronger. Its blend of kokum butter, ximenia and sunflower hydrates hair, helping to keep it in its best condition.

PHYTO SPECIFIC Baobab Oil Bottle



Clinically proven to increase your overall moisture rate by 26%, the PHYTO SPECIFIC Baobab Oil Bottle is a multi-purpose oil which hydrates and protects both skin and hair. Rich in anti-oxidants and containing eight essential oils, both your skin and hair are left silky smooth and looking healthier with every use.




A lot of the products in the PHYTO SPECIFIC range aren’t just specifically tailored to afro hair, although they are brilliant for it. However, if you suffer from thinning hair, PHYTO SPECIFIC are also fantastic for that – the Cap’Energy Capsules in particular. Packed with powerful zinc, B vitamins and soybean complex, the capsules provide the vital nutrients needed to boost thinning and lifeless hair, helping prevent hair loss and promote a healthier scalp.

So what do you think? Will you be trying the PHYTO SPECIFIC range? Don’t forget, you can shop the full collection at Lookfantastic, with free delivery worldwide and free UK next day delivery when you spend over £50.




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