Create smoke without the fire

For years now the smokey eye has been the go to look to create instant drama and make you feel unique. I’m a big fan of this look and once perfected is the easiest and most stunning way to go from daytime neutral to full on glam night out looks.

The simplest way to achieve the smokey eye effect is to choose 3 shades from the same colour family. For instance, white, grey and black are a common favourite as the tones can go with any outfit. Or try out a more earthy style with cream, brown and black; this creates a more neutral look as it compliments your skin tone. But don’t be afraid to use colour, working with colours to compliment your eye colour can make eyes instantly more vibrant.Greens working perfectly with brown eyes and bronzes and gold hues for blue eyes.

My step by step guide to achieving this look;

We used Too Faced Exotic Colour Intense Eyeshadow in Frilly Lilly, Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Velvet Shadow in Skyline.

  • Start with the lightest shade, working from your inner eye and blending over your eyelids to give your smokey eye a perfect base.
  • Moving onto your middle shade, work from the outer eye until you reach the middle. Following the contour of your eye lids to define the middle tone for your smokey eye.
  • Pile on the drama with your darkest colour, starting from the outer eye and layering as much as you want. Blend into your middle shade making sure to stay near to the outer eye.
  • Final step is to simple touch up where it’s needed. Lightening the inner eye, enhancing the mid colour and deepening the outer shade.

The perfect way to wear your smokey eye is with a Little Black Dress, the ultimate piece for classic style that can be reworked again and again; perfect for ensuring you feel unique and always look glamorous. Never going out of the style, the simple design of the LBD allows for colourful accessories to be teamed with it. Matching a bronze smokey eye to a gorgeous pair of brown heels or a green smokey eye to bounce off your emerald clutch.

The opportunities are endless when it comes to partnering the LBD with the Smokey eye….




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