Cynthia Nixon Talks About Viviscal and It’s Amazing Results

Cythia Nixon talks about her experiences with the amazing Viviscal; she used the hair growth programme after shaving her head for a theatre role, Cynthia wanted to grow her hair back in time for her wedding, two months later. Impressed with the products and the success of her hair re-growth, she talks to Kelly and Michael about her love of Viviscal.


Hair loss and hair thinning can be a common issue with women as well as men, not often talked about but still embarrassing and stressful for many; Viviscal offers a new scientifically proven hair growth program that improves hair growth and density.  We are pleased to present this wonderful hair supplement and hair growth range at so that all you lovely people can give it a try.


Whether you have no hair, thinning hair or just want thicker hair, the Viviscal range has something to offer everyone, using the special formula of Biotin, Zinc and AminoMar C which maintain normal healthy hair and improve growth from within.




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