Daniel Sandler – Q&A

Earlier this week we hosted a live question and answer session with professional make up artist Daniel Sandler. Answering all of your beauty and skin care queries, here are the results.


Rachel; Hi, Daniel I’ve got quite small blue eyes and want to achieve a nice smokey eye effect which make them look bigger and glam. Which products would you recommend and whats the best technique? Thanks!

Daniel; Hi Rachel, the best shades for you are silvers, greys and smokey black. You will love my Scandal At Midnight eye shadow quad and what I want you to do is apply the grey shadow all over the lid and under the lower lashes but make sure you don’t apply too much of it into the socket or your eyes will appear smaller. Next, apply some black eyeliner pencil very close to the upper and lower lash line. Then take a little black shadow and apply it to the outer corner and blend it slightly into the socket and up and out to create a flick effect. Apply black mascara and some half strip false eyelashes at the outer edges to make eyes appear larger. Define your brows but don’t over darken or they will make eyes appear small.

Rachel; Thanks Daniel that sound great! will check out your products now  


Christina; Hey Daniel, what are your thoughts on finding and choosing a neutral tine foundation? My skin is pretty pale but I do tan a little during the summer.My problem is that I can’t seem to find a proper shade, every foundation or BB cream is either too orange or yellow or pink

Daniel; Hi Cristina, my own foundations are neutral but I guess the best thing for you to do is possibly mix a couple of shades, one that’s pale and one that’s slightly darker, to create your perfect shade. I know how frustrated you must be but sometimes mixing products is your best answer. My Porcelain Invisible Radiance foundation is perfect for very fair skins and I think if you mix a little of the beige, you should create your perfect match.


Sophie; Hi Daniel, what are the lip colour trends for this summer? And which products would you recommend for this? Thanks!

Daniel; Hi Sophie, grab yourself some summer brights. Look for new matte vivid colours in red, pink or orange. You will love my Luxury Matte Lipsticks in Gigi, Marilyn and Red Carpet, but be quick ‘cos they’re selling out really fast!


Sarah; Hi Daniel i am rubbish at creating smokey eyes, any tips for how to create a perfect smokey eye for a beginner? Sarah

Daniel; Hi Sarah, the simple rule is to not apply too much dark shadow in the beginning. Try building up the colour slowly and blend all the time until you are happy with the intensity on your eyes.


Matt; What are your skin care essentials?

Daniel; Hi Matt, I’m a huge fan of the Clarisonic and I use it every day to cleanse my face and my neck. It works really well with a creamy cleanser and is especially good on stubble when you want to get a really close shave. Also, I’ve been using Collagen Shots for about 9 month and am really seeing a difference in my skin texture and clarity. As for topical moisturisers, This Works Super Moisturiser is great as is Ultrasun SPF products when I go out in the sunshine.


Maja; Hi Daniel, which primer or moisturizer would you recommend for oily skin? Thank you!

Daniel; Hi Maja, this one get’s great results so I think you should give it a go: Benefit The Porefessional.


Laura; Hi Daniel, are you a fan of the bold dark brow?

Daniel; I love bold dark brows but sometimes they’re a little OTT as opposed to flattering ones like Cara Delevingne.


Viktoija; Hi Daniel, I would like to know, what’s, in your opinion, the best way to apply liquid foundation? Which foundation would you suggest for oily skin?

Daniel; liquid foundation is best applied with a damp foundation brush and an oil-free waterproof formula of base.


Ashleigh; Hi Daniel, Can you tell me the best way to create a smokey eyes effect for brown eyes please? Thanks! Ashleigh x

Daniel; As you have brown eyes, you can also create a wonderful smoky eye using colours such as plum or purple or navy blue. Just substitute the darkest shadow from my quads with a equally dark shade as I’ve just suggested.


Sarah; Hi Daniel, can you tell me what the best blusher is for olive skin?

Daniel; You have two choices in that both pink and peach tones will look great on you. In the daytime a pretty peach, such as my Watercolour Cream Blusher in soft peach, will look fab whereas a brighter pop of colour on cheeks at night, such as my Watercolour Cream Blusher in hot pink will look sensational, especially with a tan!


Next up, Sophie from Norwich and Rachel from Nottingham want to ask Daniel how he became a makeup artist and what advice he would give to aspiring artists out there.

Daniel; Hi Sophie and Rachel, first I went to a makeup college and did some training, then I went out into the world and persuaded hairdressers and young designers to use me for their shoots and shows. Its really important you network in the area of expertise that you wish to enter as well as practicing your craft as much as possible. Be dedicated and be prepared to take the knocks. Good luck with everything!

You can check out the Daniel Sandler ranger here




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