Do blondes have more fun?

Here at Lookfantastic we’ve been studying the science of blonde hair to figure out whether blondes really do have more fun. With nearly 21 million natural or dyed blonde women in the UK, it’s an incredibly popular colour and there’s no denying that it looks particularly brilliant in the summer sunshine. The trouble is, sunshine is one of it’s most powerful enemies – along with chlorine, salt water and heavy hair products. All of these challenges can lead to thin, weak or dull hair, but there are two blonde hair care collections that have invented a solution – introducing Label.M Brightening Blonde and Philip Kingsley’s Brilliant Blonde collections.

Label M. Brightening Blonde Collection 

Brightening Blonde Bundle

Label. M’s new Brightening Blonde hair care set will help keep your sun-kissed hair safe in the sunshine and bright in the winter. It enriches blonde tones and protects hair to ensure longer lasting colour whatever your environment!

With exclusive botanical ingredients such as starfruit, white pineapple and mamki tea, blonde hair is nourished with vitamin C, vitamin B and natural oxidants to keep it healthy.

So try the Brightening Blonde 3 Step Care:

1. Cleansing Shampoo 2. Nourishing Conditioner 3. Strengthening Hair Balm

Keep your colour strong and protected all year round!

Philip Kingsley Brilliant Blonde

Philip Kingsley Pure Silver

Philip Kingsley’s Brilliant Blonde targets challenges such as discoloration from sun, salt water, chlorine and wind, all particularly likely in the holiday months!

The Brilliant Blonde shampoo and conditioner keep hair intensely glossy and bright with their clever combination of optical brighteners and super conditioning treatment to combat brassy tones. This kit also comes with a nourishing cream called swimcap, that keeps your glossy, blonde hair hydrated too – so you can enjoy swimming in the sea or pool this summer without worrying about your golden locks!

So it might seem that blondes don’t have much fun in the summer months, but with Label.M and Philip Kingsley’s collections we’ve found a solution, there’s nothing to worry about – so go and sparkle in the sunshine!

Let us know if you’ll be using either of these collections to protect your blonde hair this summer! We’d love to know how you get on, just post in the comments box below!



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