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Eurovision 2015 Nail Art Designs

Hello my fellow nail art lovers and nail newbies! I’m back again with a fun nail art idea ready for the Eurovision Song Contest tomorrow night (Saturday 23rd May). This year everyone’s favourite cheesy singing competition is celebrating it’s 60th anniversary and as a special treat, the organisers have allowed a wildcard entry to Australia! The Aussies are actually tipped to do very well, and I’m really excited to see their performance. Unfortunately their flag is a little too complex to paint on a tiny nail, so I’ve picked out the flags of a few other participating countries who (according to the bookies) are all ones to watch!


From left to right I’ve got Sweden, Russia, Italy and Estonia. Sweden is the current favourite to win the contest in Vienna tomorrow night, with their act Måns Zelmerlöw (a major Swedish pop star) singing a song called Heroes. Russia, Italy and Estonia are all big contenders for the title, but as any Eurovision fan will tell you – anything can happen on the night!

Of course you could pick out any flags you like for your own Eurovision nail art, maybe do a full manicure supporting your own country, or just choose your favourite acts. All you need is some bold creme nail polishes – you can find lots here on – and one important tool, sticky tape! Lets take the Italian flag as an example:

1. Paint the whole nail with white nail polish (I used three coats of Rimmel – White Hot Love) and allow to dry completely.

2. Apply a quick-dry top coat over the white polish (Seche Vite is a great one). Leave to dry for around 30 minutes. (This is really important, if you move on to the next step too soon, the tape may pull off the nail polish and ruin your manicure).

3. Cut a piece of tape to fit down the centre of your nail. It should be narrow enough to cover the centre part of your nail but leave space either side to paint.

4. Apply the tape carefully, and smooth it down so there’s no bumps. Now get ready to work quickly!

5. Take a green polish (such as Butter London – Sozzled) and paint down the left hand side of your nail.

6. Use a red polish (I used OPI – Coca-Cola Red) and paint the exposed bit of nail to the right of the tape.

7. Now gently peel off the sticky tape. It might be easier to use tweezers for this job.

8. You should be left with three clean stripes on your nail. Leave the polish to dry.

9. Use a small brush (such as a concealer brush) dipped in nail polish remover to clean up any polish mistakes on your skin.

10. Seal your design with a generous layer of topcoat.

I used the same technique for all the nails. My top tip is to start off with the lightest colour of the flag, use that as your base colour, then mark the lines with your tape and apply the darker colours; i.e. for the Swedish flag, I painted the yellow first (Nails Inc – Notting Hill Carnival), then cut some skinny pieces of tape, positioned them in a cross shape and painted the blue polish (Nails Inc – Baker Street) over the top, then peeled the tape away. This technique may take a little practice, because you do have to work quite quickly to remove the tape before the polishes start to dry, but it’s very easy once you get the hang of it and simple flag designs are a great place to start. Plus Eurovision is a great excuse to get your bright colours out and try some jazzy nail art!

Of course I couldn’t let the occasion go by without including a little Union Jack nail art. This one is a little tricker, I used some extra fine tape to mark out the lines, but you could always use a narrow paint brush or nail art brush and paint the design freehand. The United Kingdom are being represented by musical duo Electro Velvet and their electro-swing song Still In Love With You. Fingers crossed they do well, and hopefully we’ll pick up a few points this year!

If you want to create any of these Eurovision nail art looks, or have been inspired to create your own – take a look at our latest offers and save on your order this bank holiday weekend!



Will you be watching the Eurovision Song Contest this year? Who will you be cheering for? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to show us a picture of your nail art on Twitter or Instagram @lookfantastic


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