Facial workout

Hands up if you’re comfortable sitting at your office desk lifting your eyebrows up and down with eyes wide open at repetitive intervals, whilst at the same time making a variety of ‘rubber mouth’ expressions by moving your open mouth into different shapes?

When it comes to facial workouts I’ve heard all sorts. I guess it’s a personal preference whether you opt to boost circulation and improve tone by the above method but I know one thing for sure, massaging your skin is as good as taking your face to the gym!

I love the Elemis Cellular Recovery Capsules. Warm the oil between your palms and then in slow upward movements apply over your face to stimulate micro-circulation for a relaxing and anti-ageing treatment at home. Use your index and middle fingers to apply firm pressure, starting at the bridge of your nose, slowly tracing your brow bone. Then release the pressure slightly as you gently bring your fingers back round, under your eyes to the bridge of your nose again (in a complete circular motion). This massage technique is great at any time of the day to de-stress and because it’s so discreet you can try it in the office!



Make Up Specialist

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