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One beauty and make-up look that never goes out of fashion is fabulous flawless looking skin but very few of us naturally have the gift of great looking skin. Getting the best from your skin and from your make-up relies on a good regime to get your skin into its optimum condition, and to care for and maintain your results.

Well cleansed and exfoliated skin makes the prefect base for make-up giving a far more flawless finish. Think of your face a bit like a painting a picture, your picture is only as good as the canvas you are working on, your skin is your canvas!flawless skin magnitone

Good skin starts with great cleansing. Pollution, dirt, make-up and fake tan all clog up our skin and encourage breakouts and blemishes. Clean skin is means a clean start and you may have to re-think how you are cleansing your skin to ensure all these impurities are removed. By thoroughly removing dirt and make-up the chances for bacteria to breed on your skin and cause disruption are greatly reduced.

Using your hands to cleanse doesn’t achieve the level of deep cleansing your skin deserves and needs to look its best. Of course we can’t all go to salons every day to have our skin deep cleansed but there is a way to achieve deep cleansing at home and a reason to feel very excited about your skin – Magnitone!

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Good cleansing goes hand in hand with deep cleansing – a step towards this is exfoliation. Magnitone both cleanses and exfoliates at the same time. Exfoliation removes dead dry layers of skin to reveal the new layers underneath and allow these to be cleansed more easily and thoroughly.

Effective exfoliation is key to flawless skin because helps even out the skin taking away the dull tired layers and also any loose dry skin, it’s a bit like a facial polish. It also boosts circulation and brightens all skin types, immediately giving a clearer, fresher and smoother appearance. Smoother skin allows make-up to glide on more easily and evenly giving a fabulously flawless finish, you’ll even find you can use less make-up to achieve your flawless look.

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Deep cleansing during a professional salon facial often involves extraction to remove deep down dirt from the pores, extraction processes can be uncomfortable, even painful, and are quite traumatic on the skin. Magnitone has a unique and gentle way of extracting dirt from pores deep down and unclogging the skin. It uses Vibra-Sonic Technology, which gives gentle electromagnetic vibrations that create rapid pulses deep under the surface of the skin. These pulses open up clogged pores and shake out the hard to reach dirt and impurities that cause breakouts and blackheads giving you the deepest cleanse you’ve ever experienced.

When cleansing and exfoliating you should always use upward movements to boost circulation and encourage tone and good contour. Boosting circulation helps improve skin condition by bringing nutrients to the skin, basically feeding the skin with what it needs to be healthy, look good and maintain elasticity and tone. Clearer skin that looks good without make-up means that results with make-up can be even more impressive.

To encourage flawless skin and keep it that way ensure you stick to a reliable cleansing and exfoliating regime and always remove all your make-up before you go to bed. Magnitone makes it very easy to do this as you only need to use it for one minute morning and night to achieve deep cleansing results that are often better than professional standards. Magnitone provides you with a quick, easy and reliable regime giving you the gift of great skin. You can feel good and look good wearing the skin you are in and make the most of your make-up with the ultimate flawless finish.

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