From Haggard Hubby To Head Turner

The interests of the modern man are so diverse, that some guys are more comfortable talking about the benefits of an eye cream than they are discussing the advantages of a 4-3-3 formation. But not every guy is as up to speed on the finer details of a good skincare routine, or the do’s and don’ts of the perfect shave. So if you’re reading this thinking that your guy falls into latter, then I’m here to help you change all that using a ‘Men’s Grooming For Dummies’ approach.

For some of you a ‘clean cut’ look isn’t high on your wish list, but a grooming routine doesn’t mean your guy has to turn into a carbon copy of Mark Wright from TOWIE – you can still do rugged without crows feet and dry skin. The benefits of taking care of your hair, skin and general appearance are (literally) there for all to see. If you can subtly nudge your guy into a respectable grooming routine, then it could change not only his appearance, but his self confidence too.

Let’s talk product
When it comes down to it, your plan to get him in tip top shape is nothing without the right products. So to lend a hand I’ve selected the best products from to ease him in gently, and ensure that he’s left with a high performance routine he’s likely to stick with.

1. Redken For Men Go Clean Shampoo
A lookmantastic best seller, Go Clean is a ‘do-it-all’ shampoo that cleans fast, removed product and invigorates his scalp. Building strength and structure to keep his hair healthy, you’ll notice a marked improvement whatever his style.

Sound like he needs it? Buy here for £8.05 delivered

2. American Crew Fiber
Another lookmantastic stalwart, American Crew Fiber is the world’s most popular professional styling product. Moulding and sculpting any hair length in to any style, it gives a high hold, no-shine finish that steers away from the old school wet look.

Sound like it would suit him? Buy here for £11.43 delivered.

3. L’Oréal Men Expert Hydra Sensitive Soothing Cream Wash
Gentle enough that it won’t irritate his skin (ahhhhh), but still with the cleaning power to remove dirt and grime this daily cleanser leaves behind skin that’s clean, healthy and comfortable.

Sound like it would help him (and you?!) Buy here for £6.15 delivered.

4. men-u Shave Crème
The number one shave product I recommend to all my friends and family, men-u Shave Crème not only offers a whopping 165 shaves per bottle, but the unrivalled performance means that he’ll never go back to shoddy supermarket alternatives.

Sound like you’ll both benefit from it? Buy here for £9.65 delivered.

5. Nivea For Men Q10 Revitalising Moisturiser
Giving instant revitalisation to his tired, stressed skin this moisturiser will destroy all pre-conceptions, absorbing quickly with no greasy residue to impart a bright, healthy appearance.

Sound like he’ll like it? Buy here for £9.00 delivered.

So there you have it, all it takes is a few expert products and a bit of will-power to get your guy on the path to a well groomed appearance. For more tips on men’s grooming you can visit the lookmantastic facebook page, or follow lookmantastic on twitter.




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