‘Gel’ me more, Jessica…

“Today, Superwoman isn’t the exception, she’s the rule. From cupcakes to cocktails, laptops to lap pools, GELeration by Jessica matches her super demanding lifestyle with supernatural nails.”

Any sentence combin­­­­ing a woman’s need (yes, I said need) for cocktails, cupcakes and laptops, packs enough marketing punch to grab the attention of the best of us. Apply this with a promise of chip free nails even after a week of frantic typing, family dinner creations, torturous gym trips and that overdue spring clean; and you have a treatment that most modern women would raise an intrigued eye brow to…

I’ve never been adverse to a beautifying nail treatment. I am one of those women that believe strongly in a good set of well preened talons when tackling the trails of everyday life. From handing over the card for those shoes, presenting your CV in that interview or shaking the hand of that Mum that  always looked enviably perfect. Good nails, for me show that you know how to finish a job. Red when you mean business, French when you want the ‘I don’t work hard at this’ look, and clear when you know that school holiday antics are going to have any adventerous hue looking like an antic mosiac by the end of week one.

Or at least that used to be the case…6_poster1

“Is it a polish or is it a gel?” Was my first question as I peered into the glass cabinet on lookfantastic Brighton’s beauty floor, brimming with a colourful array of brand new Jessica bottles. “Paints like a polish, but performs like a gel” was Hannah’s pleased as punch reply as she waited for me to finish picking up each pot – cooing over every hue.

Proudly presented on the nail bar was a mirage of Jessica branded lotions and potions. Promising to transform my partially chipped, partially worn home manicure into a long lasting, super-shiny set of ‘look at me world – I don’t do dull’ dazzling nails.

I noticed the absence of the strong acrylic aroma that accompanied any trip to the salon back in my early days of nail experimentation. I searched around for the infamous nail drills that I had endured all those years ago in my quest for the ‘perfect ten’, but found nothing to disturb the tranquillity of this impressive beauty floor. Everything on the bar was simple, natural and clean. Nail files and buffers, hand massaging lotion and the all important pots of magic…just three of them. I was excited and intrigued.

Starting with a gentle file and buff, Hannah began to prep my nails for GELeration much like a normal salon manicure. Pushing back my pesky cuticles and massaging my paws we sat and chatted about the vast expanse of colour available with the treatment. Gliding over my fingers like lacquer, the gel was on and dry before I had time to say “How much are those amazing looking…”

Hannah spoke passionately about why she was so exited about the introduction of this treatment into the lookfantastic Brighton Salon. Championing its natural element and emphasising the care that it provided for damaged and weak nails, she was convinced that it’s appeal was going to be a huge hit and couldn’t wait to get started converting the masses!

As the last coat of paint went on, I looked down and both I and my nails beamed. The Raspberry hue that I (finally) opted for shone back at me with perfect pluck. Super fast, super easy, super friendly and super shiny my GELeration experience was a pleasurable one for both me and my paws. With the option of over 200 Jessica colours and the promise of lasting up to 4weeks, I believe this new generation of soak-off Gel polish will hit the beauty industry like a storm.

In the meantime you can find me strutting around the office and home, tackling everything from the dusty archived files box to the roasting pan from Sunday. Safe in the knowledge that my new ‘perfect ten’ are going to laugh in the face of chipped nails and dull manicures – allowing me to sparkle my way through to the safe side of the summer hols’ with glamorous ease!


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