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Applicators such as brushes help you to apply your make up evenly, creating a flawless and smooth base with a seamless finish.  By using tools such as brushes, instead of your fingers to apply make-up, you will achieve a much more even complexion, as you can buff the product into the skin rather than rubbing it on the surface. This way, you will also use less of the product as the brush only needs a little make-up to go a long way.

Make-up brushes are also more hygienic to use in comparison to your fingers when applying make-up. As your hands can hold germs and bacteria, by using a brush, you are much less likely to suffer from breakouts associated with the spread of bacteria, which for people with acne-prone skin is essential. For people who suffer from sensitive skin, there are brushes with natural bristles which do not irritate the skin on the face, but instead provide a gentle buffing action to evenly distribute the product.

It is absolutely vital that you remember to take good care of your make-up brushes and keep them clean and protected. Washing them once a week helps to remove the build-up of product and bacteria (if you have acne-prone skin, cleaning them 2-3 times a week helps to keep bacteria from the breakouts from spreading).  When travelling, it is a good idea to invest in a set of smaller travel brushes that come in a small case to protect them from damage when they’re packed in a suitcase, and that way you can keep them looking, and feeling new for longer.


This is the ‘foundation’ in constructing your perfect make-up tool bag. The perfect face brush provides the best foundation for your other make-up to sit on, giving you a flawless base with a seamless finish. There are many brushes to choose from when selecting the right product for you, so it’s important to know your skin and your foundation type.

The Classic

Look Good Feel Better Foundation Brush – This is the classic foundation brush which has a dome-shape to the fibres. Perfect for creating an even and flawless finish, this is the brush which will always have a place in your make-up bag as it really is a great all-round product when applying make-up. Suitable for liquid and crème based foundations; the brush is great for achieving a beautiful smooth base that is buildable if you want extra coverage. A bonus is that this is the only global cancer charity which supports women with the visible side effects of cancer treatment, so each time you use your brush, you know you are helping to support other women.

Great for liquid and powder

Japonesque Pro Pointed Foundation Brush – This angled brush is perfect for hard to reach areas such as around the nose and eyes to create a flawless finish. Suitable for liquid and powder foundations, the brush is a great starter if you are beginning a new make-up collection and aren’t sure which texture you think is best for your skin, as this multi-tasking brush will work with either. Made from synthetic fibres, the brush gives great definition to the skin due to its angled point which ensures that make up looks seamless and melts into your skin.

Foundation Brush 2

Great for water-based foundations

Daniel Sandler Waterbrush – This make-up brush is perfect for applying foundation which has a higher water content than most. Made of revolutionary synthetic fibres called Taklon, the bristles do not soak up any product, making it perfect for more liquid foundations so you use less foundation. The angled brush also lets you reach harder areas such as around the nose, so you create a flawless canvas for the rest of your make-up.

Great for acne-prone skin

BareMinerals Blemish Remedy Seamless Buffing Brush – With super-soft bristles, this brush is perfect for buffing foundation into the skin to create an airbrushed finish. Perfect for acne-prone skin, the brush ensures that the foundation buffs into the skin rather than spreading across the surface and spreading further bacteria. The bristles also feature anti-bacterial properties which ensure that it stays cleaner for longer.

The All-Rounder

Pur Minerals Liquid Chisel Brush – Suitable for liquid, powder and crème based foundations, the brush is a mix of both natural and synthetic fibres, making it suitable for sensitive skin types. The brush works to buff foundation into the skin to create a flawless finish which appears airbrushed. Its flat topped head ensures product is not absorbed into the brush so you use less foundation which helps to give a more even-toned finish.

Untitled 2Concealer


Real Techniques Concealer Brush – This brush is perfect for concealing imperfections, and any pigmentation on the face. With an angled brush to reach harder areas, the brush ensures that any blemishes or marks are fully concealed and if you ever forget your foundation brush, this can be used with foundation – just remember to wash it before and afterwards to keep it clean!

Under Eye

Stila #2 Under Eye Concealer Brush – This pointed brush is perfect for applying under eye concealer to reduce redness and under-eye circles. The skin around the eye area is extremely delicate, and it is important to be careful when using tools in this area to not damage the skin. As the brush has a small head, it is great for applying both crème and powder based concealers, and lets you reach harder areas such as around the inside of the eyes – make sure you use light, gentle strokes to apply the product.

Concealer Brush


Nars Cosmetics Blush Brush – This one is simple – we love the Nars Blush Brush! With the classic fluffy, blush head, the brush is great for evenly distributing pigments of colour across the cheeks to give a beautiful and healthy glow!


BareMinerals Seamless Shaping and Finish Brush – With a tapered tip, this brush is perfect for contouring and soft shaping, helping to create an even finish. With a slightly-rounded head, the brush is perfect for contouring, but shaping into the skin so it does not look harsh and leave sharp lines on the face. The fibres are soft enough for sensitive skin and help to give a professional finish each time.


Benefit Cream Shadow Brush & Hard Angle/Definer Brush – We love this Benefit duo! Perfect for applying shadow with one brush, and eyeliner with the other, the brushes are soft enough for sensitive skin. The Cream Shadow Brush is great for buffing eye-shadow into the eyelid and softening harsh edges, while the Defining Brush works well at applying eyeliner and blending out – it even gives a perfect cat-eye flick!

Liner Brush


Japonesque Travel Retractable Lip Brush – We believe that lipstick looks a million times better when applied with a lip brush, and the travel one from Japonesque is perfect as it is portable which means you can top up your lipstick anywhere!


Real Techniques Setting Brush – This brush is perfect for setting your make-up to make sure it stays in place all day. The brush fibres are also cruelty free (which we LOVE) and super soft so you don’t damage the make-up you’ve already applied when setting!

Final Brushes

Travel Brushes

Real Techniques Travel Essentials KitWhen going away for the weekend or for longer, it is a good idea to invest in some great quality travel brushes that you can take away with you. The Real Techniques brushes come with a travel case to protect them while in the suitcase, and come as a trio of foundation, multi-tasking and domed shadow brush so all your beauty brush needs are catered for!

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