Get GLAMGLOW muddy with Lookfantastic and #MudPack Day!

Drop the cosmetics, ladies. Today (30th September), it’s all about getting downright dirty with GLAMGLOW at, as it’s National #MudPack Day! (What better excuse to get your skin gleaming this Autumn?!)

Don’t know who GLAMGLOW are? We’re insulted! Okay, we’re not really, but just in case you don’t, let’s give you a little insight into this miracle mud mask that’s taken the beauty world by storm.

glamglow youth mud mask
first arrived on the scene in Hollywood – ooo, yep, that’s right, all the celebs, make up artists and basically anyone worth their salt has slapped this exclusive facial mask on their mugs. Made from the very finest quality ingredients, such as French Sea Clay and volcanic minerals, GLAMGLOW is a seriously pampering treatment. The mud mask boasts a unique tingling and exfoliating treatment, and works for all skin types, targeting any problem areas, whilst leaving your skin lovely and soft!

How to use GLAMGLOW Youth Mud Face Mask:

  •  Apply a medium layer with a clean foundation brush to dry, fresh skin.
  • Leave to set for between 5 and 10 minutes, once the mask is dry gently rinse away with warm water, using circular motions.
  • For best results, store at room temperature and use only once or twice a week.

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getmuddycollageTweet us @lookfantastic with your lovely GLAMGLOW masks, with the hashtag #MudPack and shop the full GLAMGLOW range here at, below.




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