Get Perfect Gel Nails with Red Carpet Manicure

These days gel nails are achievable in the comfort of your own home and there’s no need to spend hours in a salon waiting for your nails to dry. Thanks to the Red Carpet Manicure starter kit, you can get a smudge-free, chip-resistant glossy gel manicure without the added cost and time that comes with getting your nails done professonally.

How do you use the Red Carpet Manicure kit?

Salon-worthy gel nails have never been so easy – check out this video for helpful hints and a handy tutorial or read below on how to get the best results possible with the Red Carpet Manicure starter kitavailable on Lookfantastic.

Step 1:
File and shape your nails, then buff the whole nail to prepare the surface.

Step 2:
Use the Purify to thoroughly clean your nail.

Step 3:
Use the Prep to sanitise your nails and brush it all over the surface of the nail.

Step 4:
Use the Structure Base Coat Gel and paint an even, thin layer over the nail surface. Cure for 2 minutes in the portable LED light and make sure to do your thumbs separately.

Step 5:
Paint your nails with your chosen colour and cure under the portable LED light again for two minutes. Follow with another coat and do the same again, still remembering to do your thumbs separately.

Step 6:
Use the Brilliant Seal & Shine Top Coat to lock in your colour and give your nails a gorgeous gel-like shine. Cure for two minutes under the portable LED light.

And there you have it! Salon-worthy nails in half the time.

Have you ever tried the Red Carpet Manicure starter kit?




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