Give us your verdict…..

It has been a weekend of much excitement for many here at lf headquarters and the office has a certain buzz about it (especially considering it’s Monday morning). Heidi was off screaming like some pubescent teenager at her first true love Gary Barlow at the Take That Concert at Wembley, Lindsey was out dancing until sunrise back to true form after a few months out, Alex was living it up meeting the likes of Jo Wood and Myleene Klass at the 10 Years Younger live show at Earls Court and myself, I was off competing with my true love (my superstar horse) and finishing second, a personal best to date! And on the thoughts of competing, although it wasn’t to be Murray’s victory at Wimbledon this year, weren’t we spoilt with what can only be described as the ultimate show down on centre court yesterday, between two incredibly strong-willed and outstanding tennis players. Personally my heart was favouring Roddick just for his pure determination, although I couldn’t help but applaud a truly worthy winner in Federer.

So with what has been a busy and fun filled weekend we wondered how we are going to keep this run of fun lasting?. Duncs has announced he’s off zorbing this weekend. Whether it’s because he wants to feel like his hamster for half an hour of maybe he just likes being flung around to be made to feel sick, either way I think he’s absolutely crazy! But to maybe change my mind I’m opening up the forum to ask any of you if you have done this or any similar lunatic antics and how could you convince me to give a go? I’ll be open minded – promise!



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