GLAMGLOW An Introduction

GLAMGLOW has swept the skincare world, and we can see why. With bloggers and journalists alike, going mad for this new skin fix, we look at the best sellers from the range.

The effective range of mud treatment masks gives the skin a boost and really bring out the radiance in your skin. Leaving you feeling refreshed, hydrated and super soft.

The GLAMGLOW Youth Mud Face Mask

GLAMGLOW Tingling & exfoliation Mud Mask

GLAMGLOW Tingling and exfoliation Mud Mask

Say hello to the exclusive facial treatment that’s all the rage in Hollywood right now… GLAMGLOW Face Mud Mask will leave your face totally rejuvenated and your complexion gleaming within 10 minutes – WOW!

Made from only the very finest quality ingredients, such as French sea clay and volcanic minerals GLAMGLOW Face Mud Mask makes it the number one choice of Hollywood film stars. The unique tingling and exfoliating treatment works for all skin types to tackle any problem areas and leave skin soft and renewed, the results? Your complexion is utterly refreshed and glowing for three days after application.

Directions of use:

  • Apply a medium layer with a clean foundation brush to dry,fresh skin.
  • Leave to set for between 5 and 10 minutes, once the mask is dry gently rinse away with warm water, using circular motions.
  • For best results store at room temperature and use only once or twice a week.


Glamglow Super Mud Clearing Treatment

GLAMGLOW Super Mud Clearing Treatment

This Super Mud Clearing Treatment from Glamglow is an innovative facial treatment mask that works to tighten skin texture and pores whilst fighting common skin problems such as blemishes, breakouts and even ingrown hair. Suitable for both men and women, this facial mask absorbs impurities without affecting the skin’s natural oils, giving you a youthful appearance.

Perfect for use as a full facial mask or as a one spot solution for blemished areas, Very Gorgeous Super Mud Clearing Treatment is developed by dermatology chemists to address common skin concerns by activating collagen synthesis resulting in radiant, soft skin.

With noticeable results after just one use, this ingenious product can also be used to treat razor burns and breakouts, leaving your skin fresh and cleansed. Formulated with a range of super effective ingredients such as Glycolic, Salicylic and Lactic Acids that work to heal damaged skin and smooth pigmentation, this treatment is pH balanced and works to deeply nourish the skin.

The GLAMGLOW Cure Sexy Mask

GLAMGLOW Cure Sexy Mask

It has even impressed on the celebrity circuit, with many famous fans, such as Michael Buble and Kimberley Walsh.

“Yes, GLAMGLOW BRIGHTMUD Eye Treatment is pricey, but it genuinely is fantastic for treating dark circles in just a few minutes. The tap-on-wipe-off formula is great for quickly making your eyes appear brighter and less tired almost instantly.” – Kimberley Walsh.

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