Guest Blog: Do my boobs look big in this?

At last, a beauty product that my husband is actually happy for me to purchase!

I think he has grand delusions of this cream being so miraculous that I could don a red swimsuit and run up and down the beach with my rescue buoy in tow, but I have more realistic expectations.

Liz says "My advise… RUN, don’t walk to go out and buy this."

Liz says “My advise… RUN, don’t walk to go out and buy this.”

There was a time in my life (I’m shamed to admit), that a skincare regime to me consisted of little more than soap and water.  This silliness soon caught up with me, and once I hit my early thirties it was time to act – and fast!  Since I moved to Cyprus, my outlook on any kind of skincare has changed too.  Being subjected to ex-pats who resemble worn leather is not an attractive sight, and nor is it good for you.  Being a PPP (perfect porcelain princess), living in these conditions really takes its toll on my skin, and it shocks me how people here abuse their skin so badly, after all it is our biggest organ.

I’m also the first to admit that skincare for anything other than the face just seemed a pointless waste of money.  Surely they couldn’t really do anything.  Or could they?

Well, I am pleased to be proved totally wrong.  Being the bargain hunter that I am, I’m always scouring the web for the best beauty sites to shop on.  When I noticed a special “Christmas Cracker” version of Mama Mio’s multi award winning Boob Tube on offer, I thought, well if I don’t like it at least I haven’t forked out for the full size.  Silly girl, I should have just taken the plunge (no pun intended).

This product is truly a-m-a-z-i-n-g.  I won’t lie, this hasn’t given me the cleavage of a luscious buxom teenager, but then I never had that even when I was one.  But, I have seen an incredible difference in less than a week.

Mama Mmam0019fio state that within one week you will notice that the skin on your neck, chest and boobs will appear firmer, fitter, glowing, more dewy and youthful, and they weren’t kidding.  The way my skin has changed is astonishing, it’s clearly firmer and more even toned, and best of all, when I lie down I don’t have to rearrange myself from the effects of gravity – no more do my breasts find their way towards my armpits – a miracle.

What I really love about Mama Mio though, is that they are products that were designed for pregnant and nursing women, so you know their creams aren’t full of nasties.  Also, they are made from facial quality skincare, so you can even apply this as a facial moisturiser too.  I have done this, and have seen the little fine lines (ok, crevasses) around my top lip start to vanish.

The cream itself is quite thick, with the consistency of suntan lotion, and I was concerned that it would feel greasy.  But, after a couple of minutes it dries to a powdery soft velvet finish.

My advise… RUN, don’t walk to go out and buy this.

Liz Berry x




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